General Mage

Blaze Wizard v. Fp Mage after recent Kms patch Was wondering which one I should make in the future. Is Blaze Wizard still better than FP after it's recent nerf? Also I noticed on the South Perry site it doesn't mention any slower delay for Blaze Wizard's skill but was mentioned on orange mushroom. I also found this post of a dps chart but idk how accurate it is Rank Class % DPM 1 Zero (at max.) 418.46% 7238136.77% 2 Night Walker 388.89% 6726712.22% 3 Arch Mage (F/P), (Eruption, full DoT, Max.) 363.74% 6291529.07% 4 Flame Wizard 273.89% 4737503.05% 5 Striker (Flash/Annihilate) 247.81% 4286394.17% 6 Hero (2H) 242.68% 4197572.75% Kaiser (Transformed, Lud Sword) 230.10% 3979990.18% 7 Arch Mage (I/L) 227.44% 3934071.16% Arch Mage (F/P), (Paralyz