Who will quit if

MEE comes out with Marvel?

January 22, 2014

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I don't see how it'll effect me at all. It's not like people aren't already capping, if anything, it just means more equipment I can't afford.

Reply January 22, 2014

[quote=HumpTehCrown]Ill quit once I can out damage you pene. Only like 18m more per line to go [/quote]

You just said "pene".

Reply January 22, 2014

They will come out eventually. But nexon might change there mind. You never know

Reply January 22, 2014

ID be fine with it. I dont know if you guys have checked it out but using MEE ends up hurting you in the next KMS patch according to orange mushrooms blog. There new advancement system allows you to get up to 25 stars. Stars 16-25 give better stats than stars 1-15 and equips that have used MEE are not allowed to go past 15 stars. therefor making MEE for the poor. giving them a decent chance while allowing the rich to still advance above them. [url=]source[/url]

Reply January 22, 2014

We'll never get MEE and I prefer if it stays that way.

Reply January 22, 2014

MEE be Miracle Equip Enhancement.

Reply January 22, 2014

[quote=Lehvahk]what? those are coming out in the marvel? source?[/quote]

He said "if" =P

But they won't, NxA already said we won't be getting them, simply because of how utterly gamebreaking they are.

Reply January 22, 2014

If MEEs come out with Marvel, then I can honestly say that Nexon would have reached an all time high in both greed and stupidity, even considering the countless other stupid decisions/cash grabs that they've used. Hell, even with KMST's new enhancement system, MEEs would still destroy everything in terms of sheer damage potential, and would screw over pretty much everyone. That said, if they do, yep, I might quit for a bit.

Reply January 22, 2014

what? those are coming out in the marvel? source?

Reply January 22, 2014

Please. Trim the fat.

Reply January 22, 2014