Upgrading Help, whats the next step

So I've finally hit 1.1m buffed. But as most people will say in this game, that's not good enough. Next month we have the new map, as well as new boss coming out, which is cool and all. But Im more so interested in being able to actually solo or duo the bosses we have now. A bunch of people I have talked to said I need to get to the equivalent of 3-4m range to be able to do what I want. So this is where I'm at... I've already accepted that most of my gear with the exception of some of it will have to go. So all advice will be appreciated. As of right now my current gear is....

310atk/13 star Sw Dagger - legendary pot 23%atk, epic bpot 4%atk, rest is crap, 25%boss neb
43atk Dragon Khanjar - Unique pot 9%atk/15%dex, unique bpot 9%atk rest is crap, 25%boss neb
45atk Lidium Heart
26atk Dimension Glove - Unique 9% luk
Lv100 Emblem - Unique9%atk 6%str 6%luk, epic bpot 6%luk 3%allstat
Tyrant Cape/5stars - Epic no %stat
Tyrant Boots/2star - Epic 9%luk
Full Sup Gollux set/ perfect scrolled 11-12 star - only 2 of which are unique, the ones unique only have 9%luk, the others are epic with 6%luk
Reinforced, Solid, Cracked Ring's/perfect scrolled, max stars - 1 Unique 9%luk, others are epic 6%luk
cRa Hat 70%scrolled 103luk/3atk Unique pot 12%luk, bpot 4%luk
cRa Top 70% scrolled 100luk/3atk Unique pot 12%luk bpot 4%luk
cRa Bottoms 70% scrolled 8xluk/3atk Epic pot 12%luk
SW Glasses/12star Unique 14%luk
LV110 face accessory(forgot the name)/12star Unique 15%luk
Heroes Badge.
3 totems- 6atk, 8atk, 10atk
Bear Trap

I figure most will say Perfect faf dagger, I already have a clean epic Faf, when that time comes.
Thanks for any and all advice.


March 26, 2015

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got lucky and got my boots from 2star to 5star with jut 265m

Reply March 27, 2015

I think you should work on getting more %boss.... When people see %atk they immediately think that its what they THINK they need because all the "PROS" use it.

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I'm kind of in the weapons >> armor camp. Everyone else is right when they say your Tyrant Cape/Boots need fixing though. List of things I think would be good for you, in order.

1. You do have dSE right?
2. Dojo gloves. Top 10 preferably.
3. GSE Badge.
4. Start buying 18-27% luk Gollux. 6% is just sad really. You messed up funding order, Gollux should be much higher focus than CRA.

Cubing to be done during Miracle Time if you have the patience. If you want 2-2 M range you should be prepared to go for legendary on your weapons.

1. Cube your DKhanjar for 2 lines of % att/boss/pdr
2. Bonus cube your Dagger for 7+ % att. It's fine to keep the SW dagger. While Fafnir is stronger in theory, the +1 att speed will make up for it until you're well into endgame. Just need to use green MPE potions more.
3. Cube your Emblem for 2 lines of % att/boss/pdr. Bonus cube your emblem for 6%+ att.
4. Epic/Unique your Tyrant cape, then cube for % luk.
5. GSE badge for % luk.
7. 5 star your Tyrant cape.

If you have 70% traced CRA for now just keep it. The extra 30 luk or so, worth like 1-2% ish luk, isn't worth your meso when you have so many other things to fix.

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Oh didn't see that. Saw the other rings listed as perfect haha. Dkhan 60%+boss. CRA 30% traced if you have the meso. Tyrants 8 started get to 5 with meso. Get to 7 with superior wards. Get to 8-10 with no booms and scroll guardians. However if you have tons of meso I'd suggest going 5-8+ stars using only no booms depending on how much they cost right now.

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I have sup ring, I have sup everything. Ill msg you in game for sure.

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Just use the spell trace time to 30% scroll all your cra. It's far more effective and the end results will be very hard to beat with icog. Your dkhan needs to be cubed for %boss. A Fafnir would be better dagger wise but it's currently a waste when looking at your other gear to even consider putting funds to that rn. Dkhan needs 60%+ boss main pot. CRA needs to be 30% spell traced for LUK during fever time... however 70% scrolled is not bad at all. Do not icog, unless you feel hella lucky or want to know how pros burn meso so fast. You need a superior gollux ring perfect scrolled after the dkhan is cubed. After all that contact me in game or pm and I'll help you from there.

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[quote=MrSinDeath19]I would Cog or icog the cra gear. That's what im working on for myself now[/quote]

To OP: If you have enough funding you can also do this because you already have a good amount of %atk. I 30% traced my cra set because of the recent spell trace fever event helps save a lot of css'es and I have 21%int on almost everything.

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I would Cog or icog the cra gear. That's what im working on for myself now

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[quote=HattySooPro]lol apparently I left out some details. Dagger and shield both have 25%boss nebs on them. I have 116%boss at the moment, and like 8x PDR. And that was supposed to say %luk. Ill go fix that lol. My bad[/quote]

[url=]how to get boss and pdr[/url] replacing s/w dagger with fafnir gives you 30% boss immediately

p.s. If you have enough funding then ignore this, but 20% boss neb is good enough

I want %magic atk on my weapons, too. But I cubed a lot and did't get it. Anyway I have more important things to do atm.

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Well what are your real potentials on your sup gollux? Accessories can't get %att potential lines, so I will assume you meant %luk but correct me if you are wrong. To start with, get your tyrant shoes to 5 stars at least. Preferably get both of your tyrants to 8 stars, the extra attack will help a lot, along with the extra 60ish luk you will get from 5 staring your boots. Get your tyrants to better potential, preferably 15%luk or more on both of them. Get a good potential on your heart while you are at it. After finishing your weapon then re-evaluate where you are at with these changes. If you still want more improvement then at that point you can either go get tyrant gloves, or you can keep cubing your gear for 15%+luk on everything

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lol apparently I left out some details. Dagger and shield both have 25%boss nebs on them. I have 116%boss at the moment, and like 8x PDR. And that was supposed to say %luk. Ill go fix that lol. My bad

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Do you have enough boss ATT and pdr? I didn't see a single line of them o.o Typical end game stats would be 250% boss and 90% pdr to do effective bossing

But I do see a lot of improvement space. 15 star your weapon, 7 star tyrants, get everything to 15%+ luk, 30% or icog scroll cra, etc etc etc

You can definitely get So Gong gloves.

I don't give detailed suggestions because I'm no pro

btw, how do you get %atk on gollux set?

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