General Shadower

Going back to my first love, Soon enough When I started this game 9 years ago my first character was a dit. Loved it, and haven't loved a class that much since. Made a NW for the damage HO lifestyle but I miss comboing as a shad. Long story short after I hit my goal of hardgollux solo on my NW I want to go back a to shadower is the shad community dead? And are Dkhanjars still hella expensive in bera? Oh and i always wondered can you dodge gollux's attacks with Bstep? L>Bera Shads

General Thief

Whats good, Everyone. switch decision Thinking about making the switch from DB to Shad. Asura's anger is lovely but at 180k range being a DB isn't saying much. I'm at level 178 most of my damage comes from my dagger and katara which aren't much to begin with. Dagger is sitting at 280 att with 90% boss damage Katara is 155att with 50% a basic clean CRA set that im self scrolling so that's a work in progress. a clean tyrant cape 30 att nox glove. bits and pieces of gollux set. basically my armor is all over the place But it's currently a work in progress since I'm training mules. All I'm asking is would it be more beneficial to switch to shad? I'm not planning to change to NL cause.. I don't feel like buying a claw. So.. what ya'll think stay

General Dualblade

The poor mans DualBlade So I just recently started playing MS again been gone since BB. The stuffs is crazy now it's a new game lol Anyway I made a shad got it to 140 decided to change it to a DB just to see this job change addition, But my range seriously dropped however Being a DB is actually pretty cool. I've heard the rumors you probably need to cut off your legs to fund it. So i'm looking for insight from the DB experts on how to fund it SLOWLY. Piece by piece I mean I'm not broke but im not gonna just dump a bunch of money into MS all at once I want to build my Dual Blade slowly and probably use that to boss for other items to merch. So how do i start I trained unfuded to 140 so my range is like 70k. What's a good item to get first. S