General Fashion

Oh, hai, Im a Mihile I still can't figure out what clothes to get for my Mihile so he can be feminine. All of my characters are female, as I am female myself, I always hated that Mihile was genderlocked, so this is my way out. (He already looks more feminine then my Kaiser) I know I won't fool all of you guys, but what could work for the majority? I have a Light Chiffon Dress but when I try that on (on bannedstory) it's pretty much unnoticeable because of my weapons. And then there's the hat and more importantly eye-brows issue..


Nebulite Box Why on earth do they need to have a limited time? In case you don't know, if you find Nebulite boxes from random mobs now, they only last for a month and then they poof. I'm trying to sell one but I'm running out of time. Should I just open it or will that be a huge waste of my money? They're about 8mil on my server right now, But all the other sellers have huge stacks. Mine doesn't even stack. Does the fact that it expires make it worth less then those that don't? I'm pretty sure the Nebulite from it won't expire...

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