General Mechanic

Additional Changes in the Final Server Most of the changes from [url=]the tespia patch[/url] have made it into the final server, with a few exceptions and extra changes, mostly positive: - Tank mode's damage for Homing Beacon is 60% of it's original value instead of 50% - Rock & Shock's cooldown is reduced to 160 seconds - Support unit enhancement's damage boost is 10% instead of 5%, and self destruct damage is increased by 1100% - Bots n Tots' cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds and the movement of the robots toys is faster now - Robot Mastery's damage boost per set of summoned robots is now 6% instead of 3%, and Robo Launcher's damage is increased by an additional

General Mechanic

A skill build for the post-revamp Mechanic I thought I'd give my personal take on what skills should be leveled up in order and my personal reasoning for it, hoping to to teach some new or returning Mechanics what skills are ideal and how they impact playing. Here we go: 1st Job Put 1 SP into all available skills, and max out in this order: - Rocket Booster - Gatling Gun - Humanoid Mech - ME-07 Drillhands By maxing out Rocket Booster with just 5 SP points, you drastically cut down on the skill's MP usage while providing vertical mobility throughout first job. Gatling Gun is prioritized as it will be your main training skill throughout first job. Humanoid Mech is third as you won't really need the passives as much in first job as well as tak


Sengoku, Beast Tamer cutscenes for Black Heaven Browsing around the insoya forums, I came across these three videos originating from TMS pertaining to Black Heaven: [url=]Sengoku Cutscene (Hayato, might apply to Kanna too)[/url] [url=]Beast Tamer Cutscene[/url] [url=]Dragon Warrior / Zen / Reskinned Jett Cutscene[/url] You likely won't be able to know what they are saying unless you know how to read mandarin well. Since we also don't have Dragon Warrior / Zen but instead Jett, Jetts may have a different cutscene when Black Heaven finally reaches GMS. Thoughts? EDIT: Changed URLs to Youtube Mirror. Thanks to kakaro

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