Ideas to liven things up

Hey all, hope you're doing well!

It's that time of year again when people go back to school and inevitably MS / Basil quiet down. It's true, the game is so old now it probably could use a cane, but given all the updates and new content this last year it's clear that Nexon is still very much committed to keeping it fun.

Although things are slowing down over the long term, each year brings a similar ebb and flow. Traditionally, fall is fairly slow due to school and then November and December become much more active and exciting periods. So don't get discouraged!

I wanted to write here to reassure you that Basil isn't going anywhere! In fact, I have some ideas on how to liven things up a bit during this quiet stretch.

- Share more! Add more screenshots and videos, even the stuff you think might not be overly newsworthy.
- Answer questions in your favorite job / class forums. Help people out, keep discussion going. You get back what you give!
- Give your feedback in this thread about the idea of a BasilMarket redesign.

Feel free to list your ideas too. Thanks and enjoy!

September 11, 2017

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@vietua: Holy moly, I have a drawing of you and old account before it got banned for bullying other basilers

Looks dis is it

O wait ur comment is from 2017 and the stupid @beefly bumped the thread.

I sad

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get rid of thread autolocking

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It would be nice if you brought back the perma-beginner forum. I know it was pretty toxic at the time it was removed, however that really damaged the community and we haven't had our own hub anywhere ever since. Since then people have obviously grown up a lot more and the trolls and toxic community members seem to have disappeared though so it might be beneficial to bring it back.

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I read it as giving things up and I thought Mr.B is giving the site to someone else and I had a slight hope for the old layout to come back but now...welp.

With that being said, bring the old layout back. Please don't be like Apple who keep removing stuffs the users like and implement some jiggly jellies and tell them to get used to it cause "innovation".

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I'm going to tag along with the vocal majority saying to bring the old format back. Simplification can be a nice thing, but the reformat has either removed or discouraged interaction on this website. Simple things like the most liked avatars, total character level, and viewing your top rated comments gave the website a little more purpose. I really think things would be more populated if you weren't so stubborn and listened to the feedback when the site was remodeled. It's nice to see that you're asking for feedback, but hopefully you listen to the majority this time around.

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I've just returned after a 2-ish year break, and was very surprised to see what happened to the site. I have to say the design looks great, but the function is completely off.

Navigating on mobile is a nightmare, I can't even see the content of any threads as they're just a blank box with comments underneath. Not being able to see the date of posts also makes it difficult to find up to date information

I don't mind the auctions leaving, even though I used them often. I saw basilmarket as more of a discussion site anyways

I agree with the above comments in that it would be a good idea to bring the old layout back with some tweaks

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@mrsbasil I have the same problem. I can only click clicks on IE. Basically, when on Chrome, the only thing(s) I can click on are the various posts on the front page. Once I click on a post and go to that post, I can't click comment, or like, or subscribe, or any other button. As in, you know how normally your cursor looks like a triangle thing and then when you can click something it becomes a hand icon with an index finger pointing up? On Chrome, the hand icon never shows up when I hover over buttons.

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@kevqn: i've been back on this site for around... half a day, and i'm still hating the "new" layout, for starters i can't see the date a thread or post was made unless i open it and hover over the post.

and doing this on the "latest" DrK thread showed me it was made back in june, we DrK are ded man.

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@kevqn: hey, sorry you feel that way. I was actually trying to do the opposite - funnel the Basilers who were losing interest in MS to a place where they could discuss other games / anime / art. As @Helpingly points out I think it's worked out, but the more the merrier!

Which buttons specifically aren't working for you?

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@kevqn: I wouldn't say that it divided the members, if you look at BZL you can see a lot of people posting things that don't pertain to maplestory and probably wouldn't have a place here.

Also, I too use Google Chrome and can't seem to find what you're referring to when you talk about certain buttons not working.

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Shouldn't have made another website, it just divided your members. Also shouldn't have changed the layout, it's very glitchy and it won't let me comment half the time. Half of the buttons don't work on Google Chrome, I had to go on IE to edit this comment

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@meiguihua: It's an interesting idea but wouldn't that be redundant given that the ingame auction house is already being used by quite a bit of players and people who used the auction system before generally sold lower valued items or items that required [P]SoK and not items over max mesos?

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Bring back the auction system if it matters.

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@arwoo: That'd be cool, it'd give people a reason to use Basil again

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How would you guys like it if we organized Boss raids here? The plan is to summon a very special version of an existing boss in-game and have people apply their raid to fight it.

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@xylyls: I felt like the old layout was sort of centered around the auction system, and with that one fundamental aspect gone it's kinda hard to figure out a workaround for that.

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KISS - Keep it simple, stupid.

Bring back the old Basil layout. Please.

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This game is dying but I'm sure we can all learn to move on.

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@beefly 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink..?

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You must be pink to comment in this thread.

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i'm begging u, bring the old site layout back

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