MSEA - Hayato 5th Job Preview

MapleSEA's CM did a V Patch Preview and now we have a first glimpse of what Hayato's 5th job looks like. The video above was taken from a Kanna PoV so we don't have any information on what it does exactly (or what the animation looks like when used firsthand), but it looks to be another mapwide attack.

GIF for those who can't access the first link:

(note: not shown in the GIF, but the damage is delayed until after the end of the animation, similar to Hitokiri Hundred Strike)


October 28, 2016

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Although it doesn't look it visually, the skill might actually hit 11 times on a single target, which would be fantastic. I'm less interested in the skill and more interested in the defense cap being raised, though. If Shimada Heart applies, we're looking at a possible 499% damage increase (and maybe a larger gap in our damage ranges if the visual glitch isn't fixed).

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still sad about this :<

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My body is ready.

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Glad that we don't have to wait a lifetime for a new update! Really like the animation.

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@fighterdoken: The buff in pretty useful. Imagine doing bossing its a good burst of damage, then You get a decent buff. You also get back 700 of the swords bar to gain back the passive from it. I think itll help in bossing

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And with also that skill gaining back our sword bar by 700. We can now actually use that buff from the sword bar more often now and still maintain the boss stance passive. I think this would be sick

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@pridingly: LOL I'd love to see it do 132 lines but knowing how Maple descriptions work, I feel like it means it hits 11 total mobs, each at 12 lines for 606%. However, I actually look forward to being wrong because bossing would be a breeeeeeeeeze.

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@fighterdoken: There's a second preview on the fartbook thing:
Starts at 16 minutes, skill shown at 20 minutes, and ends at 23 minutes.

I also noticed when he murdered those mobs with other skills, he still gets 5 sword energy thing. Guess we're not getting the sword energy improvement, dood.

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Now we have a name and a skill description!

Engetsuzan: Enables you to quickly charge and slash at multiple enemies with the power of the crescent moon. This skill can attack a single target multiple times, and restores Hayato's spirit sword after use. Crescent Moon does not affect enemies in the Damage Reflection status.

[Level 1]: MP Cost: 1000. Charges and slashes at enemies in its range 12 times at 606% damage, and repeats the attack 11 times. Can attack the same enemy more than once. Restores Hayato's spirit sword by 700 after use.
Cooldown: 90 sec.

So that's 132 lines on a single target... whoa.

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@lamato: It looks like it leaves some sort of debuff. Maybe a bind, more lines, or, like you said, %final damage. I hope it's more than just another ultimate. Hitokiri Hundred Strike and Battoujutsu Advance already suffer from having delays too big to make it worth using and I'd rather not have another skill like that. Though I'll try my best to use it every time it's off cooldown because those cherry blossoms are cool.

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i just wanted a sooul katana that follows me around and does more dmg than magnificent magnus

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Are those cherry blossoms? A nice touch. Another ultimate seems kind of excessive though if that's all it is. I'm guessing it gives a good buff, possibly additional %final damage or gives some sort of good passive.

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Looks cool as hell, dood. Reminds me of Swordmaster's critical.

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well, now we know that Hayatos and Kannas will get the 5th job, we just want to know when BT will get her 5th job.

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