What prompts you to make a thread on basil?


April 16, 2015

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Boredom, having something to say, having something to ask.

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When I want other people to know what I'm thinking and feeling.
Cuz I don't have RL friends that will listen, comfort me, show empathy...I live a lonely miserable existence that only basilmarket can understand.

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i don't make threads often.
but when i do, i try to make it somewhat interesting.... although they probably aren't.

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Mmm.. I think i've only ever made one thread out of all my time here at basil.
It was about how I felt horrible after hearing that someone I knew was hurt and in hospital, but I couldn't go see them (and the fact that they probably didn't even remember me anymore). I remember feeling bad and confused, so I posted it on basil in an attempt to vent.

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Feeling bored or/and unloved.

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[quote=Phonetics]you're doing it wrong.[/quote]

Meow meow?

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I almost never make threads unless I want some generic advice. I made a thread the other day where I asked for help on getting a better nights' rest. I can't remember the last time I made a thread before then.

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