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wtf is with these double standards parents will get nervous when their daughter is around an older man and be suspicious of him but don't care if their son is around an older woman i just got a letter telling me to register for the selective service or face fine/imprisonment wonder if eighteen year old females get the same women sees nood male and nothing wrong, actually quite normal as doctors/caretakers man sees nood/partially undressed female and get arrested for sex harassment/abuse/assault something goes wrong in a relationship it's always the man's fault titanic women and children first older man does it with female minor, he is a pedphile and goes to jail for 10 years older woman does it with male minor, it is ignored fathers protect


pc clean emp 2h sword i need to perfect a better 2h sword than the 123 one for my kaiser, but in the last few months it's been ridiculously hard to find a loveless or higher 2h sword for a decent price. i saw this yesterday at 1b and i guess the owner lowered the price after it didn't sell: normally at 900m i wouldn't even think twice about this one but it has 6% total damage potential, which would save me the trouble of applying my own special/epic potential scrolls and hoping that, out of all the possible potential lines, i get % str, attack, % attack, % damage, or ignore def. is it worth dropping almost 1b for 15 more clean attack (oh and 6% total damage potential that i probably wont cube because i dont like spending nx) over a level 12


patcher is stuck i'm on vacation in canada and whatever cities are between vancouver and san jose. hotel/ship internets are crappy and unstable. computer is really slow. i managed to download all the patch files before i had to go (internet disconnected. laptop also been put on standby several times). it seems that the patcher is stuck on 3/3 creating: xenon.avi. i've had the computer on for hours but the patcher still hasn't moved on. only 4 hours until the next day, and i don't want to miss the attendance/evolving ring stuff. i don''t care too much about this time's attendance (enhancement scrolls sound like they give all stats +5 or something crappy) but evolving ring sounds important. i don't know how many days of that i can miss but it

General Kaiser

what sword to perfect? during 8th anniversary event i made a +7 flame tongue 2h sword (one of the level 123 weapons), so it's 156 attack. i stopped once i heard of the new 50% scrolls, and beat myself over the number of clean slates i wasted because of all the failed slots that the 20% scrolls gave. i still have 1 slot to slate, and haven't hammered yet. i also have a few other clean slates and some leaves to buy more, and will have coins to buy 50%s. is it worth perfecting the level 123 sword, or should I start over on a new one (may or may not have enough clean slates to finish) with 50% scrolls? originally, i chose the level 123 sword because it was the only thing i could find at a reasonable price in the free market; clean fafnir, lovel


did i get gachapwned? spent 9k nx on 105 gachapon tickets. i think i got crap. perma chairs: stone golem hand, tropical cooler, tv recliner temp chairs: tent, amorian loveseat, kitten, bunny, gold seal cushion, coco island, beach, bubble bath, shroom bunny 10 chair bag, 12 chair bag zakum, von leon, pink bean additional entry coupons books: flying assaulter, dual wield expert 30, and 23 other crap books. yes, 23/105 were books. like nautilus strike, rapid fire, iron skin. perm mounts: chicken, f1 machine, magical wooden horse, penguin, frog temp mounts: 1 year cretaceous, lion, 90 day chicken, nina's pentacle, retro scooter, tiger, pegasus, f1 machine, transformer random 120-125 equips: claw, dual bowgun, gun miraculous chaos scroll 70% unt

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y me so weak i think that any given amount of funding is LEAST effective on a marksman. i have the 4 tempest 6% equips, as well as 6% boots that i obtained through lucky potential reveals, on my 141 marksman and i think i only have like 16k self buffed range. granted the rest of my equips are mesoranger and a level 77 crossbow scrolled with 60%s, but my strafe should be hitting a lot harder than 40k crits. and that's only 1v1 damage. i've hit harder multiple mobs before tempest equips were easy to get (so less funding) with other classes at the same level, such as angelic buster and blade master. the sad thing is that even my bishop, who was historically the weakest damage dealing class in the game and used to hit 20k x3 shining ray at leve

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