Arrow Rain can be assigned to auto pet buff

Yeah, as the title says, you can assign Arrow Rain (Storm of Arrows) to your pet's auto buff thing. Even though it's 5th job and has a cooldown. Interesting.


Additionally: I recently found out that Mercedes card can affect 5th job skills, including Arrow Rain.

February 28, 2017

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i pray it somehow works with after image shot.

Reply March 3, 2017

Thanks for sharing . Time to use merc card again.

Reply March 1, 2017

@leopard16: I won't have it permanently stuck there (because cooldown), but I'll likely move it over to auto buff when I do bosses.

EDIT: Yeah, for stuff like Dojo I won't have it auto buff. But for some other things it might be nice to have. This is just more of an interesting thing rather than a revolution of Bowmaster's damage or anything.

Reply February 28, 2017 - edited

damn, thats pretty useful; nice find. will you be using it as auto buff now?
Personally, i dont think i will simply because there are moments when you need to time the skill perfectly, like in dojo for example. It's also not as annoying to recast as some other skills. I'd rather have afterimage shot as an auto buff.

Reply February 28, 2017 - edited