Post your nodes

Mine are bad. Literally nothing adding to magic arrow right now. I spend about 90% of the node shards I get on Arrow Rain.

December 24, 2016

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send nodes pls.

Pheonix, Arrow Stream, Final Attack
Arrow Stream, Pheonix, Final Attack

Quiver, Arrow Blaster, Hurricane
Hurricane, Quiver, Arrow Blaster

All the other ones are fillers for now

Im working on
Gritty Gust, Hookshot, Binding Shot
Hookshot, Binding Shot, Gritty Gust

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@deadangel13: It's definitely something I want to get mainly because it increases many good things. Hurricane gets bumped in damage, AFA, Illusion Step, Mastery even, they're all really good with combat orders. I have both on equips but if I could i'd definitely get a node for dco. Probably when I get rid of my hookshot and flame surge nodes in another couple of 2x events.

@cocobenz u show me urs i show u mine

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I got some good boost node combinations from the nodestones we got from the high-five boxes.

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send nodes

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I have AB on my hat, and CO is a pretty bad skill imo

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@deadangel13: Oh wow you actually use that? I'm surprised you haven't tried to get Decent C/o or Decent A/b.

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lol my special node just vanished now so I replaced it with Will of Erda, which is now my third "Hero's Will" skill
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Edit: I just realized that's the bowmaster section, but hey, we don't like racism here

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