General Mihile

Final farewell to Radiant Blast Oh, You terrible move, You have guided me through so much. From when I was a whippersnapper fresh out of 3rd job, you kept me safe from dangerous mobs by stunning them with your radiance. So many hours we grinded together, mindlessly blasting evo system mobs and Hilla's minions in Dimension PQ. You may only hit 6 enemies, but, to me, you hit every enemy in my game, from the bumbling Rashes in Leafre to the coward Magnus. The memories of Mihile will always have you in them. Radiant Blast, you have given me wings, even if they were useless. For raising this unworthy Weredoggy from noob to slightly more informed noob, I owe you the greatest of gratitude. You are Mihile's best friend and the skill that lighted hi


Happy Thanksgiving (in the USA) I would like to give thanks to Nexon for not banning me and making a game where I can befriend people around the world so we can complain about your failures. I would also like to thank Basilmarket and Mr. Basil for giving us a platform to vent our frustrations. Furthermore, I would like to thank people who pay real money to Nexon. Due to your unrefundable contributions, this game is still alive after 10 years. Moreover, I would like to thank Southperry and r/Maplestory for being places where I can enjoy mature and troll-less discussions about Maplestory. Last but not least, I would like to thank JMS for making good classes and content. Keep it up and please release the other 3 Sengoku Class (Ayame, Archer, a

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