Is Maplestory trying to kill itself?

Is it just me, or are they trying to make people quit maple?

You can be banned for holding your finger on the Kannas kishin key. What floors me, is that there was no advantage to it for the kanna, they weren't in a party just helping some people training at MP3, while glancing at the television. Then they remove you from the ranking system.

Would it not have been possible to do what they have done with almost all mashing skills, after a set time it stops unless you move and start mashing all over again.

Meanwhile we deal with hackers and botters all over the maps of Maple.

March 16, 2017

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@ultimaxexon20: Actually you can get banned but you most likely won't get banned. It's considered "botting" according to the TOS. Whether you're holding it yourself or putting a coin on the key it's still a bannable offense. Now will they ban you? Probably not it's just like those other rules that can possibly ban you but you most likely won't. Like buying mesos since majority of players do that Nexon can really care less about it anymore.

Reply April 2, 2017

Can't get ban for holding kish(no proof that it can ban you)

Reply April 2, 2017

@nitsua2789: this is exactly why i still love to lurk around the maplestory forums, funny people.

Reply April 2, 2017

@amin45678: Sick burn man you got me. Somewhere along the line I became asian and now I'm one of the last survivors. If you're reading this then send help, I'm trapped in nexon's server room and they won't let me out.

Reply March 24, 2017

^part of the 100 asians who'll still play

Reply March 23, 2017

It killed itself a long time ago actually

Reply March 21, 2017

One day, the game will no longer connect and dissapear, its website will show an error, perhaps the 100 asians that still play everyday will notice, but that's it.
The game is already dead.

Reply March 20, 2017

I think the non-cynical will agree that MapleStory has been declining in popularity for some time now anyways, for many reasons beyond just what OP has stated. But given how long the game has lasted thus far alongside the continuing onslaught of people who remain interested in the game (even the older players who may quit out of frustration with something only to later return), I predict the game will continue to last for another while. This of course without stating the obvious that so long as it is profitable that it will continue to operate.

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I like this game but I've drifted to just casually playing now. I'd go on and do my dailies but now I just wait for 2x to play or if have time to kill (2 hours or so while I netflix/hulu) I'll go on and guess what. Every damn time I find a hacker/botter/macro abuser. I H A T E I T

Reply March 19, 2017 - edited

I think their reasoning is that if you let one person/job/class to get away with something, everyone else is going to think it's okay to do. (I know this conflicts with past bans or second chances)

For kishin, all you have to do is set it once and check back every 3-4 minutes. It's not the end of the world if it expires for a few minutes. It's better to just check back every once in a while than get banned for glitching or botting.

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@endurance: Once those hot time and exp events came like every other week I realized there was no real point anymore and completely left

Reply March 16, 2017 - edited

@littletlk: expanding inventory, and sometimes the maplepoints.. thats about it really

Reply March 16, 2017 - edited

What's the point in doing hot time if you don't actually play?

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You play maple too much.. what goes on in the game doesnt bother me because I only get on like once or twice a month for hot time weekend boxes

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I personally think it's just lag and you got the GMPolice notice.

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kanna mules BTFO

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