buying nx is more of a ripoff now in terms of using it for like cubes and premium boxes, it is a ripoff and thats because of how messed up the market is i will give you an example: it costs 3.4k nx to try one premium box ok, and lets say it took you 7 tries to get a worthy perm equip thats like 5b 3,400 x 7 = 23.8k nx used now, this is where the ripoff part comes in people can buy mesos cheap, like someone can buy 5b for $10 and buy that perm equip which 23.8k nx ($23.80) was used to get that equip and it gets much worse if you get crappy equips that are 1 bil and less from the 7 boxes lol so whats the point of risking so much money for when you get so much less in return? big ripoff i would say the market prices should be more logical and

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