Inner ability

Just got Final Damage +48% of def, should i keep this line?

January 17, 2017

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It's worse than what you guys think. It adds to your damage.
Example: You hit 1m per line, you will now hit 1m+10.5k damage per line

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so to go along with your example say you deal 500k damage a line.

48% of your 22k range is 10.5k

your new damage is now 510.5k lines


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My def is at 22K so this gives me around 10K,but again what does that do exactly. Does this mean a 10k addition to my range, if so not worth it.

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I think it only adds 48% of your def (for example: 4.8k out of 10k) to your total range

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It sounds amazing, but it's not a worth wild inner ability. You're better off going for the generic attack speed, buff duration, etc kinda inner abilities.

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