Did you let yourselves go

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm lazy & don't want to hit the gym twice a day. So I get that, you can't give 100% all the time. It just bothers me we have so many people who are happy with mediocrity.

My cousin been telling me he quit cigs for forever now. He hasn't =[. I only mention that because my nephew is always sick from THEM. His baby momma smokes that crap too. Ya ya all his friend smoke, but why can't he just be better?

Was browsing through facebook, & I remembered a dude who had a really cute chick back in high school. Then I saw more pictures of how fat he got & then I saw his fat girlfriend. What happened? I guess it was worth it for him.

My roommate right now is so lazy. I HAVE to tell him to do things or else me or the other dude just cleans up after him. He always talks about how fit he was before he injured his foot. Don't know if I believe him because of his ID.

I know the pressure of being better is a lot to handle. Why let the fear of yourself hold you back, hold you back from being different. I try so hard & people see it. Someday I will accomplish my goal of providing plumbing for Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand.

Maybe it's not my place just yet to pass judgement. My beliefs & action will prove my resvole. Will yours ? Thanks for reading.

October 31, 2016

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his mother is a baby?

also, i got you wrong

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since i've been seeing this one guy (for about 10 months now) we've gained a little love weight and i started to hit the gym. wasn't too worried bc going to the gym basically made me stay roughly the same weight and my body was feeling wayyyy better and i was pret confident in the lower body area
but late summer i got nips piercings one month then next month got a tat and was out of commission til end of sept i think. never got back into the gym also bc work has me exhausted but my arms are getting stronger from it. i just need to work on my lower areas again >

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I'm not out of shape
Though I have been feeling very apathetic about the minutiae of life in general as of late.

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i lost 10 lbs bc depression but then i got into a relationship and gained 15 lbs back so idk if any of that is good or bad. I wish my clothes fit tho. But at least i'm not underweight now?

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I have a beer belly rn. Like 3-months pregnant big. Really need to do cardio so I don't feel like crap every morning.

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I am feeling hungry tonight
Got a hankering for greens.
I've had my peas and Brussel sprouts
And my favorite, I had beans.
My stomachs churning like a swirling storm inside
Can't keep it in even if I tried.
And now I don't know what to do,
to stay here or go to the loo.
Cause I've got gas,
it needs to pass
from out my
Let one go
Let one go
can't hold it in anymore
Let one go
let one go
Just push and give it what for
I don't care
what they're going to say
I will rumble on.
My stinking green cloud now is spreading through the air
And if you get a whiff you better kneel and say a prayer
and now I have just one thought as I rush to the loo
Now I'm touching cloth, I hope I don't follow through.
Let one go
Let one go
It'll rise like the break of wind
Let one go
Let one go
These perfect pants must be binned.
Here I stand,
pumping night and day
Let My butt rumble on
The smell never bothered me anyways.

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Without knowing their backstory, I don't think they should be judged for such decisions, although they should definitely be encouraged at whatever goals they decide to set for themselves (whether it be to quit smoking, or lose weight, or even to not be lazy).

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I think we all let ourselves go to some degree in our lives. It's the ability, to get back and focus on our goals though which makes the difference. Life.

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