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I think I have the worst roommate ever I'm pretty sure I have the worst roommate ever and I'll list why I think so.. let me know if you've ever had a roommate that can compare to this.. - Takes a shower twice a week - Leaves dirty laundry all over the floor and stinks the room up - Leaves everything on floor and makes room look messy - Sleeps 16 hours a day making me feel I have to be quiet even during the afternoon even at 6pm or later - Comes back really late usually around 4 or 5 am and waking me up - Eats with the most annoying lip smacking habit ever - Comes back from drinking and starts vomiting all night and morning - Sleeps with the desk light on and shining in my face - Talks/giggles in his sleep and moans during his sleep - Moans

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Bitten by a bee? Can bees bite you? I was walking and I felt something in my hair so I grabbed it thinking it was like a leaf that fell on my hair while walking. Then I realize it was an insect like a bee or something that must have flew into my hair. I felt a sharp pain on my finger as soon as I grabbed it and took it out of my hair and I quickly released it. Now my finger hurts but there was no stinger or anything so I don't think it was a sting, there was just a sharp pain initially.

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