gm events how much maple points?

^like the title says.

im wondering how much maple points they give, because i won 2nd place for physical fitness last night


May 31, 2015

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I played Match Cards yesterday with the GM, First i lost still he said i won 2k that i wood receive next week. Then my bro play in another acc and won the game. He gt 4k Maple points that he'd too receive it next week.

I guess thats the max they could give ...

Reply May 31, 2015

You get maple points if you beat a GM in a mini game
not from ola ola , physical fitness, coconut harvest or any other event

Reply May 31, 2015

I beat 2 GMS and only got 2k maplepoints

Reply May 31, 2015

@grawp77 i beat a gm in a mini game but no mp I think they might limit it so that people cant farm off gm's?

Reply May 31, 2015

If you beat a GM in omok or match card you get 4k maple points
I did it the 1st week they were doing the gm events and got the Maple points 2 weeks later
I did those events every week since it started but havent got more maple points, guess is only once per account or something

Reply May 31, 2015

None, Onyx apples, event trophy and box with random item.

Reply May 31, 2015

I just did an event (the coconut ola ola one) and got a lv70 "blood nightfox" thief hat.
.. thanks nexon

Reply May 31, 2015

I believe they only give maple points through playing omok or match cards with the GMs

Reply May 31, 2015

I thought the prize was onyx apples?

Reply May 31, 2015

wait what. o:
Since when did they give Maple Points? Or is it like 5k given to one or two random players that attended the event?
Every time i've gone and played in the events, all i've ever gotten was that silly event trophy.

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