Best Unfunded Class? I tried Google and honestly, people mention Zero, Night Walker, F/P, Thunder Breaker, Dark Knight, DA, Wind Archer, and basically every class in Maplestory... :| I'm COMPLETELY unfunded; zero mesos. Which class is the best for bossing to get items to sell and such, with as little funds as possible? Basically the most OP class that can output the most damage with as little mesos as possible. People say warriors and assassins have the most expensive equips, but then other people say Zero and Night Walker output the most damage. I also heard people say Zero is cheap to fund because they can upgrade their gear and such through the Mirror World, then there are people that say F/P and Wind Archer are cheaper to fund, so they

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Why is hating white people wrong? Black people really hate white people because white people think they're better than all the other races. They pass unfair laws to push down black people and they target black people when making arrests. It all makes sense why black people want to kill all white people and restart society. I don't get why hating white people is wrong. I think white people should go die and be sexually abused by black people. It's all just an opinion. I mean, everyone has opinions right? So it's okay that black people hate white people; they owe them because of slavery anyways. I won't be sad when black people kill white people because it's okay to hate; I see it as a debt.

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Why is hating heterosexuality wrong? I mean, I don't understand why gays hating heterosexuals is wrong. They're the population that abuse them, cause them to commit suicide, and tell them that they have no place in society; being targets of hate crimes caused by heterosexuals, it makes sense to hate them. Heterosexuals think that they're "normal" and somehow above homosexuals; they think homosexuals are sub-human because a fictitious book said so. Homosexuals have the innate right to flaunt their sexuality and make heterosexuals uncomfortable because they hate them! Yeah, they're better than heterosexuals and they truly believe that; that's why there's gay pride and no straight pride. They hate heterosexuals, including their frien

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Why is weed being legalized? I mean, I'm all for drugs being legalized; really. As a college student, it's the best situation I can wish for. But I fail to comprehend the whole "it's less dangerous than alcohol" argument. You know what? Heroine and crack are "less dangerous" than alcohol. [url=]Don't believe me?[/url] If that's still not enough evidence for you, Google it; it's everywhere because there's been tons of studies done. So by that line of logic, they should make acid and molly legal too; I mean why not? Not only is molly my favorite drug, but it's less dangerous than weed, which is less dangerous than alcohol; acid and molly are liter

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Uhm, major issue with skill builds out now So I'm here at fourth job and I'm surprised nobody has noticed that instead of "Cygnus Knights" skill in the WA guide, we have Bow Expert. That completely screws up the skill build for fourth job; Bow Expert is definitely better than Trifling Whim but should it be maxed before Wind Blessing? Hmmm... And another thing: why would you max Pinpoint Pierce when Dance of the Frozen Wind/Sentient Arrow is more useful for training later on; Pinpoint Pierce gets completely replaced in fourth job. Edit: I think the build for fourth job just needs to be better clarified... You have JoeTang's build: 100: +1 Spiral Vortex [1], +1 Sky Song [1], +1 Bow Expert [1], +1 Albatross Maximum [1] 101: +2 Spiral

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Android Phones Suck I genuinely gave Android OS a chance and it just sucks. Everyone was saying how swiping on the keyboard was so great; I type slower than I did on my iPhone, which had a really small screen for my thumbs in the first place. The OS is so fragmented and the icons look way worse than iOS 7; at least they TRY to make it look good on iOS. The apps just look so much better on the iPhone. And everyone raved about rooting and custom ROMS; they suck and make me want to puke at their ugliness. It's so ugly. By the way, I have the HTC One so it's not a "low-end" phone so I got the complete Android experience. Seriously, like surfing the web is painful on Chrome; it was so easy on Safari. iPhones give you a solid experience

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Why such a clunky combo? So I just got to fourth job today and apparently the strongest combo that we have is the Falcon Dive+Sanrenzan combo... Am I the only one that finds it super clunky and just not smooth? I'm under the impression that you tap Sanrenzan once, which is super hard to do when you're trying to make for a smooth transition back into Falcon Dive... And even when I do hold down Sanrenzan after Falcon Dive, it's just unsatisfactory... I feel like this combo pales in terms of smoothness to the Falcon Dive+Dankuusen/Whirlwind Cut combo... It's just an unpractical combo in my opinion... Thoughts?

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