Glitched Infernal Exceed

So since every Final attack like skill is glitched with pre bb animation and whatnot, should I bother putting in any skill points? Does it even help atm? I'm lv 170 maxed everything besides MW & Infernal

July 28, 2013

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I'm trying to totally derail this discussion, but does anyone else lag everytime you hit a monster on your DA? I could be way behind on this, but it's really bothering me. Doesn't happen to me on any other class I use either, only DA. I think it's life sap, but idk.

Reply July 31, 2013

@LockedDOwn: Yea now that you've pointed it out i've noticed it a lot lately.. I guess i never knew how final attack was like because i've always been on a cannoneer (a class without final attack)

Reply July 31, 2013

It's not a glitch since it did exactly what the description said.

Reply July 30, 2013

Nice for a DB's Blade Clone to be a buff instead of a passive..

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A note on this, the animation will only come up when you stop attacking with any given skill. So if you're using Exceed Execution and you're spamming it, you'll still get the FA procs off and you'll keep spamming Execution without the FA animation popping up. When you stop spamming it, if you get a FA proc then the animation will come up. All in all it doesn't really affect you if you're bossing, but can be really annoying if you're doing kill quests where you one shot the mobs.

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If the glitch is the fact that he auto-attacks when I finish a skill, yes it is bothering me, don't put any SP into that crap.

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[quote=ChoasCyber]Your demon doesn't do any weird movement while attacking?[/quote]

Well while attacking he sometimes stop for like half a second between the next attack to do a basic atk looking atk. Is this the glitch? Should there be no frame for Final Attack at all? It does slow down training though, it's annoying having to wait that extra half second.

Reply July 30, 2013

I dont even notice a glitch? What exactly does this "glitch" do? Btw, I have max infernal exceed on a 17x DA.

Reply July 29, 2013

[quote=Marceaux]Are you joking, such a small thing making you quit..

They are going to fix it eventually[/quote]

Define "eventually". Eventually as in after the next patch or "Demon Slayer Metamorphosis bug/Illusion Step not dodging attacks" eventually?

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[quote=DreamBow]It annoyed me so much that I quit my DA. =P[/quote]

Are you joking, Don't let such a small thing making you quit..
They are going to fix it eventually

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On my DA the final attack glitch does not proc if I'm moving around.

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I regret putting points in mine.

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Just save your SP till it gets fixed. Currently all classes with a FA or AFA is experiencing this. Kind of annoying if you have the skills on high levels.

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no dont youll regret it
its glitched too

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