9 Hours is a Long Time for Maintenance Why they do this? I mean I wake up at around 2 or 3 PM PST but still... :/ Editing my original so I can respond to everyone in one place and so I don't revive this thread. I don't enjoy negative threads and I don't enjoy being bashed for no reason. This way those who I need to be addressed can see this; First of all, thank you you explained what I did not understand about the maintenance. This thread should have been over after your response. I made this thread because I know little to nothing about computers and I know many of you here do understand computers so I wanted to understand why this is taking 9 hours. In my mind due to my lack of knowledge of computers I thought they were just plugging in m

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Help Me Help You I'm another year older and I have officially became what many of you would see as an "old woman" and in honor of my old age I would like to help you. I used to post help/ask me anything threads such as this frequently about a year ago and I miss helping y'all. I will be blunt and honest and I hope I can help you with your questions if you'll allow me. I've grown a lot in the past year and had many traumatic experiences that I've learned from that I think will help me give you great advice or at the very least help you see a different viewpoint on your issue. Feel free to be as detailed as you like. You can ask anything. :)

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