Dark World Tree - Those who remained quest Hello guys. So I finished act 2 of Heroes of maple and took a break of it for a while. I was randomly going through the light bulb quests on the left and one of them had this quest, like in the title: [Dark World Tree] Those who remained". I clicked it out of curiosity and found out it was actually a spoiler. ): So I thought I'd log off, maybe it'd not count as quest accepted. So I shut maple down, logged.. right into dark world tree. So now I can't know the end of the story. Is there some youtube video of it maybe? I tried searching it on another character but it wasn't there. Help?

General Corsair

CORSAIRS. MASTER. R.... So.. Hi there. Forum dead. As a master race, We can't let it die. Let's discuss the coming updates. A little summary.. * New Hyper Stats. * Fullmetal Jacket: +20% Damage * Captain's Diginity: +30 Attack (& Also they're finally fixing the final attack) * RF Hyper Boost: 20% > 30% * Faster Buffs casting. Did I miss anything important? Are these boosts gonna help you a lot? A little? Not at all? Share pls. -Cough- -Cough- Personally, I'm gonna be able to cap 100% of time with these changes. Also hopefully they make Majestic Presence same as it came out at day 1.

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