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Eunwol, BlazeWizard or NightWalker Most profitable? I hear some people asking if they should stock up on pirate gears for Eunwol, but I've only heard people say that Eunwol's are lame and boring. Asked a few KMS players and only 1/5th seemed to actually like the class. Quoting 1 of them even hating it so bad he send me this: [quote=Southperry]Because Eun** has no gameplay flow whatsoever and it's really boring. They skills and damage feel underwhelming, They don't even look that pretty or nice, after couple of casts. It's pretty tedious to play this **** class, and every level feels unrewarding as hell. The damage output you do isn't that great, and what's worse is the fact that latency might affect your gameplay. Each and every single skil


Ms Development Team Ama Here's nexon dodging questions: [b]Game related Questions Development Team[/b] Q. PurelceFireX: How come the unused data on the three known NPCs (Maple Admin, Cassandra, Gaga) that cause lag are not deleted? A. Game Team: We are currently looking into these lag issues and expect to have a fix in the near future. Q. Xaelstrasza: Can the bosses be nerfed slightly? A. Game Team: We assess game balance issues on an ongoing basis. Boss balancing is always difficult as we have to balance against different character levels, equips, classes etc. If you have a specific issue, let us know and we'll look into it. Q. Rokani: Can we have smart drop for bosses? So the items dropped will be more likely to help you instead of being

General Mechanic

Mechanics got buffed Mechanics got a pretty nice buff today in KMST. o.o Mechanic Dash Mechanic Dash: this skill can now be used while in Missile Tank or Hovering Mode Metal Armor Heavy Machine Gun Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun: damage has been increased from 120% to 240% Metal Armor Missile Tank Metal Armor: Missile Tank: damage has been increased from 120% to 250% Metal Armor Heavy Machine Gun (1) Missile Tank: Heavy Machine Gun: damage has been increased from 130% to 250%

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