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My laptop wont turn on So today when i turned on my laptop today it took me to a page that says "windows error recovery" with 2 options: "launch startup repair" and "start windows normally" I chose the second choice and it was just all black. I restarted and tried again several times and the same thing happened. I can fo into safe mode, but i dont know what to do from then. I am deciding whether to launch startup repair/system recovery What should i do?

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Something is wrong with our generation This current generation is messed up. Children spend ther school time solely for preparing for standardized tests. They go to school so they can pass it. Hugh schoolers study and word endlessly to get into college. College students pay hunds of thousands of dollars in tuition for a degreethat won't even guarantee them a job. All the time and money spent meant almost nothing. High prices and large debts discourage college attendance. Rich republicans want to make the poor even poorer and the rich even richer. Companies exploit workers from other countries and put the citizens in their home country out of jobs.

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