Something is wrong with our generation

This current generation is messed up. Children spend ther school time solely for preparing for standardized tests. They go to school so they can pass it. Hugh schoolers study and word endlessly to get into college. College students pay hunds of thousands of dollars in tuition for a degreethat won't even guarantee them a job. All the time and money spent meant almost nothing. High prices and large debts discourage college attendance. Rich republicans want to make the poor even poorer and the rich even richer. Companies exploit workers from other countries and put the citizens in their home country out of jobs.

November 22, 2013

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America is screwed up, not our generation alone. Generations have been messed up as long as anyone can remember. Face it, our country is in pretty bad shape cuz of some crappy leadership. Politics just bring a ton of problems and arguments too. One side will say, "It's not Obama's fault, he entered office when things were bad so now he's just trying to fix it" while the other side is like, "Obama is a liar and a horrible person. He promised so much but never delivered and ObamaCare is a failure." Honestly, I'm on neither side but I think we just need some better leadership to step up and actually make a difference, not promise free stuff to poor people, although that will definitely win you popularity votes. America's generation is screwed

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theres always gonna be something wrong with each generation.
but it's still better than the past when ppl had the actual rights to racist and sexist, and lacked justice
they also locked up ppl with disabilities and treated them like they weren't even human.

ya the education system is frigged up but i personally think were doin better.

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I'll have you know, I did no studying in elementary/middle school.
In high school, I only studied about 30-45minutes for each subject.
Even in college, I only spend 1-1.5 hr tops studying for a subject.

Only people who don't pay attention in class, don't ask their teachers/professors questions in class when they have them, or are just imbeciles need to study 4+ hours for a subject.

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There's always a person to say the generation they live in sucks. I am like this... I do know that many other people before I was born thought like this.

Some people are born this way. It encourages change.

Change is what Earth does. Hopefully, it's change that won't eliminate the human species. o.o

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Not to mention people are getting stupider and naturally more d-baggy

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It's not really this generation that is causing this. Overpopulation leads to more competition, which is exactly what this is. There are less jobs than there are working people, so the competition for success is increasing.

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[quote=Chachi]Is this about republicans or about how flawed education is?[/quote]

its about no good stinking hippies

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It's the illuminati's.

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