Is it ok if I do this?

I found a coupon code for Six Flags for really cheap but its a group ticket so will it be ok if I was the only one using it? Some other people are going but they're probably going to use season passes or buy it at the park.

February 17, 2014

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use the group ticket if you weigh over 400 pounds. Seriously you'll get tons of discounts cuz the park will be afraid of you being a liability for breaking their equipment

Reply February 17, 2014

Good luck, group tickets are only cheaper because they sell more tickets at once.

Reply February 17, 2014

Try it, if it doesn't work just buy at the park

Reply February 17, 2014

yeah just use it for yourself

Reply February 17, 2014

invite me pls thx

Reply February 17, 2014