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Lets Talk About Mechs Yo guys, I don't think we should talk about this But I thought.. Come on, why not? People might misunderstand what I'm tryin' to say, you know? But then again that's a part of life.. Come on guys Let's talk about Mechs, baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be Let's talk about Mechs Let's talk allll aboo0o0ut Mechs... ..Let's talk about Mechs! Let's talk about Mechs for now to the people at home or in the crowd It keeps coming up anyhow Don't decoy, avoid, or make void the topic Cuz that ain't gonna stop it Now we talk about Mechs on the radio and video shows Many will know anything goes Let's tell it how it is, and how it could be How it was, and of course, h

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New Mech WindWalk Hey guys, The new WindWalk is amazing! I finally don't need to rely on Drill Hands to avoid boss attacks or move around faster. So less mode switching even better. This might be known already but I'll just throw it out there. You can go to your beginner skills menu tab and put Mechanic Dash on a hotkey. By doing so you can just hold the button down and glide across entire maps without dropping to the ground. It's pretty amazing. The other updates are great too. Which is your favorite?


So Called New Classic Menus Are Back No thanks save the nostalgia stuff for maps or events, NOT functionality. This new UI is garbage, there's a reason why the classic one was replaced with the v147 UI. The equipment menu is disorganized, everything is everywhere. Wouldn't it be much nicer to have your weapon and secondary weapon placed together? Easier to compare them or when adding weapon based nebulites, etc. Along with scrolling equipment. Have all your accessory gear put together neatly, your armor separated in its own group together. That is how you keep convenience and make it look good too. The skills menu, its just as bad as Zero and BT's skills menu. Everything is everywhere and it's a headache to figure out what skill to do first

General Mechanic

Thoughts On Mechanic Update For starters the "new" GUI menus are absolutely horrendous and tiny. It's now less convenient to scroll something or go through your stuff. It's annoying to have all these different menus when trying to equip something and see your character. What the hell was Nexon thinking? Save the nostalgia for maps and events, not functionality. The Mech changes aren't all that or major but at least its a start. If you choose to vote please say why and add your input. What I liked: 1) Right off the bat, Laser Blast feels so much faster, it feels like i'm on speed infusion! I definitely noticed a difference using it. 2) Mobile Siege - it's not the most innovative improvement but every bit helps. 3) Reactive Armor be

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Help my girlfriend is going to China Help me she's going to China and I'm scared she'll never come back! Help me Basil we need to consider the what-ifs! WHAT DO I DO? I DON'T WANT HER TO GO :C how can I make her stay? what do I do? Is it wrong of me to not like the idea of her trip? Because I don't care if its wrong or right. She's Chinese enough, she doesn't need to go to China to prove anything! What if she gets abducted over there and sold at an auction? What if all the airports and planes get too tired to travel and she gets stuck and stranded in china forever? What if she gets pollution poisoning and gets too weak to come back to murica? What if she wanders away from the group and gets lost forever? What if the plane flies into the ber

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Stop Its Hammer Time Size Does Matter Part 2 Hello my warrior peoples. It's been a while since I've last made a thread so read closely dammit! As some of you might know I'm the type of Paladin who loves to swing big things! awesome things! two handed things! all around back and forth up and down back up and round again! Using only the biggest and coolest hammers! So yes size does matter! On my previous quest for the perfect hammer of grandest size, I've encountered many different ones of various sizes, colors, textures, and weight. Yes weight because the heavier it is, the slower it is to magnificently swing it! Swing it all around nice and slow or fast and hard. Depends how you like to smash :) Me? I like smashing things real hard but slow

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Size Does Matter Hello my fellow things, I wanted to ask you all if you have fun wielding big things! awesome things! two handed things! This is based on pure looks and size. Whats the biggest two handed mace I can get my hands on? The Golden Mole is pretty big but I think Empress just might be bigger! There's nothing quite like swinging a giant Hammer in the face of your enemies! So what's the biggest 2H Mace out there? Also whats the coolest looking ONE handed mace? As Paladins we need to each and everyone and all of us! Own at least ONE hammer! -whispers- .. just - one! ... just It is the duty of all Paladins. and WHY you may ask?@?@? because... it is... the right - thing to do. And we need it.

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To All Dark Knights and anyone who cares about them After wandering around the Warrior and Spearman branch in particular I've witnessed lots of negativity and turmoil about the current Dark Knight. So I wanted to take us all back for a brief moment in the past of how much love, excitement, and attention Dark Knights once had. Hopefully this might reignite not class pride or class ego, but class passion. Along with a second look and thought to consider towards Dark Knights. So my point is let's cut down on how much we've been all focusing on the weaknesses, the shortcomings, the disadvantages, and the bad. So we could all see the good things Dark Knights offer (not restricted to gameplay). This thread might come back to haunt me and will be

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