General Mage

Infinity is not working properly while I've noticed this for a while, I never bothered testing till now but Infinity is barely healing my HP. I use it once and I heal only about 1200 HP after skill is over (out of 13k). when testing, I also see that it's healing me every 10 seconds. looking into my Base HP, I should have about 5300, where 4.7% of that is ~246 (which was what I was healing each interval). now I double check with MP, and I heal 2468 MP (out of 52k), and 2468 is more than 4% of 52k (around 4.7%) which doesn't make sense since that's not my Base MP either. now, if how much Infinity heals me is messed up and when it heals me is also messed up, then possibly my matk boosts are messed up. when fighting Ancient Golems, I do ~630k.