Your Epic Class Setting [b]Aran's Setting[/b] In the snowy plains of El Nath surrounded by fearsome Lycantropes, their numbers 5, with their lustrous claws, ravenous teeth and an insatiable hunger for meat glaring with bloodshot eyes. They bare their fangs as they poise their claws to strike Aran. Instinctively you take your battle stance and grip tightly Maha, as you breathe in the icy air and enduring the biting cold of El Nath, you begin to embrace the terrain and with burning frost-blue eyes brimming with ambition. You lift up Maha preparing for the onslaught that is to come. For fate was not for you to die here. EDIT: For some people, snow is Aran's element. I thought El Nath was a suitable habitat. I never said you have to start from

General Aran

The Aran and PVP It's sad but Arans tbh aren't cut out for PVP in comparison to other classes. :/ The delay + lag + an Aran = smh Having less HP than normal warrior classes(which is fine but since we have combo drain but..) then losing the foundation that is Aran(their 3x speed modifier taken out that equals or overcomes the power of those of other warriors..) The highest score I've gotten on my Aran was 300+ pts(Team Battle). I've been getting killed by Paladins, Shadowers, Dual Blades and Nightlords left and right. I'm either in one of the last 3 places of a 6 person team. Do I just suck? Geez. :/ /end Rage Hate shield STATUS: On EDIT: For people who don't know: Combo Smash = 10 Combos(In PVP) Fenrir = 20 Combos(In PVP) Combo Drain = 15 C

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