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Thoughts on Blaster I haven't seen any recent posts discussing Blaster yet, so I was wondering what you all think about the newest warrior class? Personally, I couldn't get past level 63. The skills were so slow and clunky that I couldn't do it. In addition, all the different linking skills just boggled my mind and I ended up dropping the class altogether. But after reviewing some of the skills more and finally finding out that you have to animation cancel to play the class properly, I'm up for giving it another shot. Boxing and explosions sounds like an awesome concept that I just couldn't execute properly.

General Mihile

Mihile Bossing/Grinding Hey all! I have a Mihile that I've been neglecting in Reboot for some time now. I just reached third job on him and I was wondering how he is bossing and grinding-wise from levels 100 and up. I still have serious issues timing my shield since I haven't bossed much yet, but I'm sure that can be ironed out as I go. But how is grinding? I'm more used to classes with high mobbing capabilities, like Kinesis, Aran, Night Lord, and such. I understand that Mihile doesn't have that level of mobbing, but is it manageable? Will I be clawing my eyes out in my futile attempts to level? My final question: How long did it take you to master timing the shield block? On bosses? And during grinding? Thank you all!


New Character in Reboot Looking for a Guild Hey all, I just recently made a Hermit on Reboot and while the leveling is going swell, it's getting really boring without people to talk to. So, I was wondering if there were any Reboot guilds recruiting at the moment. I'm definitely going to get past 150 with this char, but after that it gets slow for me. So far, though, I really enjoy playing her and it's just lots of fun. So, looking for a guild to join and any friendly faces that wouldn't mind chatting me up. My IGN is Iwaishi and nice to meet you all :)


Any Gazed Guilds Recruiting? Hey everyone! I recently made a Blaze Wizard in my free time and I am currently working on leveling her up. Right now she's at level 36, but that'll change pretty quickly. However, logging onto the game is pretty depressing when you don't have anyone to converse with or have fun with. So, I was wondering if there were any GAZED guilds willing to take in my Blaze Wizard (and possibly even my Crusader later down the road)? I wanted to use the megaphone to find a guild, but I discovered that they removed that quest from Tot, so there goes that plan... Anyway, if there are any guilds willing to accept a newbie Blaze Wizard, please let me know! Either respond on this thread, or feel free to send me a message on Basil

General Demonavenger

Looking for a New Desperado I've been regularly checking the FM (with those very convenient owls) for Desperados like a Lionheart Painful Destiny or a Fafnir Death Bringer. So far, I have yet to see the Empress one show up, and can't seem to find a cheaper Fafnir. So, I was wondering if there is anyone in [b]GAZED[/b] who's willing to sell a Lionheart Painful Destiny to me, or even a Fafnir Death Bringer. However, I probably won't have the funds to pay for the Fafnir, so hoping for the Lionheart instead! :3 Thanks again guys and hope you have a wonderful day :)

General Demonavenger

What can I do with 200mil? I've recently decided to re-make my previous Demon Avengers and, so far, it's been extremely fun, especially with the new grinding updates! I personally enjoy being very tanky and doing great damage :) However, I've also realized that I should be looking towards the near future (level 140-ish) and start working on equips. I've managed to make 200mil, but seeing as Demon Avengers are almost completely HP-based, I'm not too sure what to buy. I mean, I get that I need %hp, but I've never truly built a character with 200 mil before. Would I just go for Empress equips, or focus more on getting %hp potentials on everything? Any specific buys are also much appreciated! On a smaller note, I'm not too focused on getting an

General Buccaneer

Super Transform Making a Comeback? So, with the [url=http://orangemushroom.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/kmst-ver-1-2-468-new-level-cap-level-150-set/#more-5653]recent information[/url] about the level cap being increased to 250, I believe it's only natural that a 5th job advancement be released. Or, at the very least, new skills. With the advent of these new skills, could there possibly be a revival of our age-old friend Super Transform? I'm hoping for a different system for Super Transform, as well. It could be something of an Energy Charge-like skill, where after you go into Full Charge, you receive a second bar that loads up your "Super Transform." Each time you attack in Full Energy, the "Super Transform Bar" increases s

General Darkknight

Making a Ua DrK? Hey all! I just wanted your opinions on this decision I need to make. :) Well, for starters, I have a level 72 Mihile, and I was wondering if it would be of any benefit to level him up to 100 and make a UA DrK? I took a look at the guide on Basil, and, even though it did answer my questions for Soul Driver, it made me wonder if those extra slots in the Use inventory really outweigh the 2 attack medal, the soul summon, the 20 attack Blessing, and the free level 60 set. And, well, possibly being better at pyramid (Fury just isn't cutting it for me :3). So, I'd like your opinions on this: Would it be worth my time to train my Mihile 28 more levels and make a UA DrK, or just make a new regular Explorer DrK right away? All helpf

General Icelightningarchmage

Making a New Ice/Lightning Hey guys! I'm planning on making an I/L Mage (went through all my characters and this was the only class that I haven't fully appreciated), but I'm in a sort of quandary. I've been wondering what world I should play in (I want to try out a new world for a bit) and so far I haven't heard enough about the other worlds to make a solid choice. Note that I'd be starting with zero funds so I'm no better than, well, a newbie :P I'm hoping to start in one of the four main worlds, but I'd like some of your input as well! Thanks again :) P.S. Since I'm starting new, would anyone be kind enough to direct me to an active guild in that world? :3 It's no fun when you don't have people to talk to...

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