Marvel Machine Percentages Hello Basilers i wanted to know the percentage of getting a tyrant equip, but then i was bored so i did the whole list! Enjoy! Even though knowing Nexon they'd probably have the crappiest item on the list to have more % oh well! This is out of the list in its slot e.g. tyrant is 15.96 in the SECOND SLOT only not out of the whole machine 1. 55.6 to get an abyss equip 20 to get a maple weapon 6.7 to get a blizzard 3.4 to get a buff 12.3 to get an nx item 1.1 to get ring 1.1 to get the chest 2. 15.96 to get tyrant 22.3 to get japan weapons 37.2 to get japan armor 1.64 to get maple point 1.64 to get cursed kaiserium 1.64 to get mastery book synergizer 4.25 to get scrolls 17.02 to get NX item 3. 2.6 for summeroid 2.6 f