General Kanna

Possible for Kannas to solo lotus? I've been practicing solo lotus normal runs and I feel like the time is a real issue, when I finish 1st stage, I only have around 18 min left for 2 more stages. Problem with 2nd stage is his really annoying knockbacks and even with status resist he will knock you back. You can only really hit him when hes binded otherwise its a pain to solo 2nd stage. I chunked off just over 1/16 of his health i would say on 2nd stage. If anyone can actually solo this, please post a vid. In general 1st stage the trick is bellflower + blossom in the middle and then kishin the bottom and keep tping to attack with vanquisher charm. Make sure you focus on the green mobs cause they will confuse you and if you get hit by that la

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