Wiped account? Banned? Dunno but might not come back Recently my account had no problem trading, selling, dropping, or storing items until the most recent maintenance. This is when I got the message saying I was hellbanned and I was confused. I wondered if it was from the sweet profit glitch where people were getting negative amounts of mesos, but were ending up with billions. I told my guild mates about my situation and one said the recent maintenance was to fix the sweet profit bag glitch. Before I was hellbanned I took the mesos I had obtained and stored them so i couldn't spend them and get in to any trouble. I basically was waiting for a maintenance notice, but it never came, but the worse was yet to come. Today I tried to log on, but


Has this happened to you? Well, I normally enter my username and password and click start to play maple. when i get to the channel selections, i try and click my usual channel (channel 4) but it just closed on me and said i was disconnected. Then i tried lots of more times, nothing happened. so then i restart my computer but still no luck. I also tried logging in on another account and i was successful. And then i thought it had to be working again for my main account but i just disconnected again. Has this ever happened to you? Will I ever get to play on that account again?

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