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Minor Philosophical Question I just bought and finished reading "Iwaihime", I remembered that I had a minor philosophical question that I have never discussed with anyone before. No spoilers, but Ryukishi07 is really good at writing pitiful characters, and I haven't teared up over a character like Suzunome since Menma from Ano Hana. Being too awkward to ask on any serious discussion board, so I thought Basil would be the perfect site to pose the question: Are you still a virgin if you remember sexual experiences from a previous life?

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Does anyone ever dream in Visual Novel/Anime/Manga? I occasionally have dreams completely in anime-style graphics, and they're always in Japanese, though not all my Japanese dreams are in anime-style graphics. Visual novel dreams are probably the strangest-- I'm occasionally reading my own thoughts written out in a visual novel dialogue box as the main character o.o EDIT: I probably have a game-dev studio emulator in my mind. For instance, my maple character is often an interact-able NPC in my dreams; she's a child miko who loves archery and history.

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