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Night Walkers I need your help As some of you all may know, I am heinousdude the guide owner of the [url=]Night Walker Guide[/url] here on BasilMarket. For quite some time I've been trying to find a replacement owner to take over the guide since I have quit. However, since there has been no one suitable to take up this task I've decided to restart it since I now have some free time on my hands. This leads us to a problem however. My MapleStory account was hacked and thus I no longer play consistently and no longer play my Night Walker either. [b]This is where y'all come in...[/b] I need some help with some parts of my guide; • Training locations: I desperately need

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Paladin. Is a sheild needed Hey people of the Warrior section. As I'm finally continuing my low leveled Page I made a long time ago I'm faced with this question.... Is a sheild really needed to make an effective Pally nowadays? I know that with Sheild Mastery and Guardian it's an small advantage over non-sheild users but is it really needed? I'm already been graced with a wonderful NRW sword from a previous Hero of mine so do I really need to switch to a 1H + Sheild or can I just stay 2H? Then there's also the fact that I could scroll the Sheild and get an extra %Str on it but like I asked, is it really needed?

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The Official Night Walker Guide [header]Announcement![/header] [url=]The guide is here![/url] I can't update the thread anymore due to no more PLEASE check the guide before asking questions that may already be answered. [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to the Official Night Walker Guide! In this guide you’ll find all that you need to know to make an effective Night Walker! In this Guide you’ll find a vast collection of information that has taken months to put together. In this Guide you’ll find; • Stat allocations • Pros & Cons of Night Walkers • Job Advancement help • Skill Builds • Training Locations • Level 100 & 110 Skill Ques

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Assassin, Hermit and Night Lord Skill Builds [header]2/10/2011[/header] The thread has been given Guide-dom! Thanks to everyone who has helped contributed to helping us getting there! [url=]Guide is right here.[/url] The guide has been far updated and the thread hasn't been updated in a long time. [b]PLEASE[/b] go here for help concerning builds. It's more up to date. [header]Edits to the Guide:[/header] 12/11/10-5:00 PM CST: Changes to 2nd Job Advancements to fit requirements. 12/11/10-5:20 PM CST: Changes to 4th job builds thanks to insight from . 12/13/10-5:18 PM CST: Changes to 1st Job Build / Added Lvl 53 to Assassin Build(Fixed build) / Added Lvl 115 to both 3rd Job builds and fixed SP distribu