your best memory from basilmarket

mostly just posting this bc it weirdly hurts to see the chat section so empty for so long

but i'm also curious
this website probably means a lot to anyone who's still bothering to visit
i'd like to know what exactly it is that brings you back here. for most of us i imagine it's just a desperate grasp for nostalgia, but it'd be nice to hear some more personal stories if you have any. i'll add my own if enough people interact w this thread

May 18, 2020

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There was this whole drama with my guild Krosis from Windia that somehow got onto basil. It was just cool that my guild members used basilmarket.

My first transaction (when basilmarket had that system) was purchasing a blue katana for like 300k mesos which was a HUGE amount for me

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shenanigans with drake and kelly

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im back after like 2 years. tbh i have no interest in playing maple again

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@cheery: I no longer need a beanie. I have short hair now hahahaha

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umm aznseal's haircut and how he wore a beanie to sleep to maintain it. i'm old

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wen we found out lilasandra was a hackinazznga godDAM fak that ho!

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When I die, will these memories remain intact? peepoHappy

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@pr3stig3: This is pretty much exactly how I feel.

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I miss how large a part of my life Basil was back in the early 2010s. What started off as a way to help me sell and buy game items became a routine in my life that I would frequent.

I loved the screenshot and video platform of the forum. I loved browsing and just reading through the different chat threads, from the rate me threads to the draw me threads. And most of all, I miss the meaningful relationships that I made out of Basil and Maplestory that feels nonexistent now. I will always be grateful for what were imo the peak years of Basilmarket (2008-2012) and all the fond memories I made.

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Two of my fondest memories are organizing a group of Scanian Basilers for Balrog PQ, and browsing the summer 2010 scary stories thread.

The Balrog PQ group had some cool and dedicated people in it with whom I remained friends for quite a while. That boss was actually pretty tough to beat, and I got my first clear (and many more after) with them. I even got my first chaos scroll from it, which helped me afford the MW20 book (which of course failed). I still had some of these people added on my Basil friend's list a few years ago, but I just checked and it looks like a lot of them no longer exist on the site.

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2 best memories:
1. thread swiping with @topmushroom around 2010 and we'd have a group of us who talked late night doing skype calls.
2. joined the cytube music room around 2015 and met a bunch of people and met @onlinemusic irl some time later and we've been dating since then lol.

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Started mapling again mainly looking for info since its been a while since I last played. Mostly all nostalgia reasons though.

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