New Dojo Pros and Cons I resisted with all my might but I can't help but address this... If you've seen this post or one like it already then feel free to move along. Long story short the new Dojo revamp has two very big positives and negatives. The positive side being that having a class only ranking is well deserved for each class to have the ability to achieve Dojo gloves regardless of the DPS of another class. I completely agree with this concept and think that it should in fact be done. However, they half assed it. Why not simply allow for each class to get all the gloves, give 1 person rank 1, 1 or maybe 2 people rank 2, and like 3-5 people rank 3? Make them expire after a single day for all I care. So long as it's available to every


Uh free 3-5 star Tyrant capes bera I have some capes taking up equip space. I yolo spell trace and EE them when I kill hmag so I have a few 3 - 5 star capes. If you want one its first come first serve. You just need to provide a PSoK. Cause I'm nice but I ain't that nice. Capes I have: Class | 5 star | 4 star | 3 star Mage | 1-1=0 | 0 | 2-2=0 (Mage gone) Pirate | 0 | 1-1=0 | 0 (Pirate gone) Warrior | 0 | 0 | 1-1=0 (Warrior gone) **Bowman! | 1-1=0 | 0 | 1 *I forgot to put this one** Thief | None #sadlife. Only bowman left* One remains. Bera only. Unless you can suddenly come to Bera then go back to your world. Or something. IGN iShankFoois No Ls. #fakeLclub Whisper to claim. P.s. I'm amazing with how smooth this is going. I figured it would

General Thief

Excel document to end Dps threads. Yes or No? Simply put, I had the idea of creating a Excel sheet that would have a damage range formula built into it for all thief classes. Additionally it would have a DPS calculator for each class so you can directly compare the numbers you would be doing as each. So you can know what class would do the most damage with your gear and the weapons you have at your disposal. In other words it would allow you to impute weapons for each class separately and choose additional things such as DSI and MPE green potions. I also think the option to add or remove buffs such as FC for DBs, or Xenon's Buff and so on would be helpful in case the individual using it doesn't have enough % buff duration. Sadly however, I


Wanted to see if I could do 80mil damage on chaos queen. Had no idea if I could or not so it was a surprise. I would love to be able to hit 80mil damage all the time! Thanks to everyone that helped me put this video together. ^^ P.s. I think this is the fastest DB solo for Chaos queen. If not someone show me a faster vid! I'm really curious to see what the fastest time possible is. Going off of attacking time alone it took 1minute and 30-31ish seconds to kill. Losing 14-15 seconds to the DR. D:

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