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Psa Mist decreases delay between fire wall hits I've noticed this for a while but haven't thought to share it until now. When you place a mist cloud and use Paralyze against large groups of enemies, Ignite's fire wall seems to hit more frequently. Try this: Go into DI, clear the first stage with Paralyze alone. Exit. Go into DI, place a mist cloud where the monsters spawn on the first stage then start spamming Paralyze. For me, the difference is quite clear; with mist I get a bunch of extra damage numbers and significant FPS drops, and I'm done with the stage approximately 4 seconds earlier. Have any of you experienced this phenomenon? I've always thought Ignite behaved a little inconsistently. Sometimes it hits a lot and eats a bunch of FP

General Wildhunter

Kmst Wild Hunter Changes [header2]Second job[/header2] [b]Soul Arrow:[/b] attack bonus increased from 30 to 40 [b]Call of the Wild:[/b] duration increased from 240s to 300s [header2]Third job[/header2] [b]Feline Berserk:[/b] duration is increased from 150s to 300s [b]Dash'n'Slash:[/b] delay reduced from 1320ms to 930ms (~30% faster) [header2]Fourth job[/header2] [b]Jaguar Rampage:[/b] cooldown decreased from 60s to 15s [b]Extended Magazine:[/b] level increased from 20 to 30 Mastery books are now required Buff duration increased from 130s to 300s Damage bonus increased from 10% to 20% All stat bonus increased from 20 to 40 [b]Wild Arrow Blast:[/b] range changed(?) to 470 [b]KMST 1.2.509[/b] [b]Sonic Roar:[/b] now triggers Final Attack [heade

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Shade Sp Guide [header]First Job[/header] [b]Funded (links, rings):[/b] 1 Flash Fist MAX Vulpes Leap MAX Cosmic Balance MAX Flash Fist [b]Totally unfunded:[/b] MAX Flash Fist MAX Vulpes Leap MAX Cosmic Balance [b]Results:[/b] everything maxed [b]Explanation:[/b] You really shouldn't need a guide for this job. [header]Second Job[/header] 1 Spirit Bond 1 Blade Imp - Downward Slash 1 Blade Imp - Forward Slash MAX Mastery MAX Strength Training MAX Blade Imp - Downward Slash / Blade Imp - Forward Slash MAX Blade Imp - Forward Slash / Blade Imp - Downward Slash MAX Back Step / Ground Pound MAX Ground Pound / Back Step MAX Fox Spirits MAX Spirit Bond [b]Results:[/b] everything maxed [b]Explanation:[/b] 1 Spirit Bond raises your attack speed one le


Updated Spreadsheet I'm currently working on updating my ML building statistics spreadsheet. You can view it [url=http://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak7_G0cQel08dE5kMkxkWDMtdG9EbGlBUGNpZ19CUlE&usp=sharing]here[/url]. I'll be updating it in real-time over the next couple of minutes, so please be patient if the building you want to see isn't there. EDIT: Done. [header]Summary[/header] [*] New buildings: [**] Ludibrium Toy House [b]Fastest Waru production (183) and highest Decor in the game; banks in only 1.83 hours[/b] [**] Orbis Flying Garden [**] Ereve Fountain Garden [**] Aqua Road Castle [**] Zakum's Cave [b]Highest Waru storage (12000) in the game; banks in a whopping 33.33 hours though[/b] [**] Henesys Bowman Guild [**] Han


Where do I go from here? I've scrolled a 215 attack 99 STR 75 DEX Terminus Demolisher (+7). It's been hammered twice (both failed) and the 8th slot was failed with a 50% scroll. I'm out of clean slates. The shop closes in a few days, but even so, its clean slates are way overpriced. Is there any way I can quickly recover these 3 slots before then? Should I hold on to it and wait for new scrolls to come out? Should I buy 50%s with the rest of my coins and hope clean slates will be available before they expire? Advice please. Thanks.

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