Event game station and nut coins I just got kicked out of the monsterpoly due to "lack of players". But i ended up in a weird map. This event shop consists of black anniversary set, Orchoid and new damage skins and more. They're purchaseable with nut coins. But i just checked the website but there was no information at all about the nut coins. So i was wondering if anyone knew what this is about? Like, was it in KMS but not in GMS and i somehow glitched my way into the map? Here's the screenshot of the map. ,yl9mlyg Just a brief explanation about the map: it's a map for mini games. Omok, DDR, card game and one more i can't remember. I need to talk to npc to enter these games but there are no npcs for such thing in the map.

General legit? I just tried to log into my account on maplestory, but i was told to contact billingppnet because my account have been blocked. First thing i want to ask is, billingppnet legit? Or did my computer get some virus and i was somehow redirected to some phising website so want to take my information from me? Second thing, If this is legit, is it really something to do with billing like the email address suggests? Did others get this as well? Because i haven't spent any nx nor bought any nx recently. So i don't see why i can have problem with billing since i always bought prepaid ones

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