I am a slave Recently Nexon has introduced an event called the "Everyday Endeavour" event. Since the inception of this event, I have been requested about 67 parties from random strangers. I thought to myself: Wow, I must be really popular! But then they left right after I accept. Turns out people just want me for my naturally beautiful elven body. I demand Nexon changes this event! The elven race has become slaves to the humans! We must unite with the space cowboys and fuzzy mages of the world to overthrow this slavery!

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Scammer in scania and broa I am here to report a scammer in scania and broa HIs ign is motocycle of the same guild zerobydivide is in (zero did not vouch) His ign in scania is rnatteo he scammed me 10k nx by giving me a used code. I told him after, with nx transaction history and refused to give back the mesos. here is the series of screenshots i took. Sorry if its not filtered His voucher in scania are the following xmrdaddy (spoke to him personally) babysugoi somuchherb If you need a screenshot of transaction history or w/e let me know EDIT: The scammer wants me to let you know that babysugoi and somuchherb did not actually vouch, he just claimed that he sold them nx.


New forum thread proposal idea K so I log in today, and I see about 9/10 of the general forums section about people Q.Qing over the death of maple. I ASK THEE FELLOW BASILERS, DO YOU LIKE THIS? Do you like to hear the random 14 year olds whine about the game you love? I propose we make an entire forum section for all the Q.Qers where they can all Q.Q together and us normal people can go about our daily lives (yes this will reduce the flow of daily basil threads, but it doesn't really help with the environment of BasilMarket does it?)

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