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What are your favorite games of all times? Just a bit curious :3 Pretty sure someone's made a thread like this before. I've never seen one though(I usually don't hang around the forum much until recently). Genre doesn't matter. A short review on why you like the game is encouraged. My personal favorites are: 1. Final Fantasy VII (This game is just an all around masterpiece. Also, I'm very disappointed in you, Square Enix) 2. Battlefield 3 (I don't really enjoy the game as much as I do before. Mainly because I'm a competitive player and the game frustrates me at times, but still good enough to be on my list) #GarbageHitRegistration 3. Gary's Mod (You can do some pretty stupid and funny things in this game) 4. Minecraft (I just love to build

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What are your favorite animes ? What are your favorite animes and which ones would you recommend? The recent ones are rather disappointing (I'm looking at you AoT) :( A short review on why you think it's good is encouraged :D Personally, my favorite ones are Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyoukai, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Baccano. I'd highly recommend them to you guys if you can stand slow animes. Steins Gate would've been on my list if they didn't take the easy route out. Note: This post is for anime fans, keep the negative comments to yourselves, haters. (I really don't know why people would hate on animes though, they're a whole ton better than the regular TV shows they broadcast, movies included. Those that call us nerds are really


Do you even math, Nexon? Okay, this is quite frustrating and doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. If someone can explain the situation to me, please do. So the other day I was checking this Evan's range atk. He/She (Let's just call her a she since her Evan's a female) posted her stats on basil and made a video on it too. She gave a specific set of stats for each given range atk (e.g. +16x int/237 m.atk/54% int = 37k~39k clean range) So here's where the part that doesn't make sense to me. I have 50% int, and about 500 m.atk (492 to be exact.), +242 int, and I only have a ~40k range (That's a 1k difference than her range). So, lemme get this straight, her % int is only about 4% more than mine, and her magic attack is [b]LESS[/b] than [b]H

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What does it take to reach 70k range? So guys, this is a rather stupid question I know, but that is my current goal atm, to reach ~70k clean range on my Evan. Apparently, I heard it's not easy to reach there as a mage, for unfunded people such as myself especially. So, I was just wondering how much m.atk or % int I would need to reach a 70k clean range. My equips account for about 7x% int and I have a ~40k range clean ><. Figured it was about time for me to start upgrading my stuff otherwise it'll take me forever to reach level 200 SMH. If any Evans with around a 70k clean range would like to share their stats (% int (or how much additional int you have) and total M.atk) with me, please do so :), it'd make my blurry path clearer.


Why do ppl hate Nx so much? I've been seeing a lot of hate comments/threads about NX recently, and I don't see why people are hating on NX so much o.O Ex. they can't host a game, they slack too much, the engineers suck, they only care about the money, they don't care about the customers etc. TBH I use to hate NX A LOT, but then I realized that they have to handle 7 other games (Maybe more or less not sure) other than MS and there's always new people that join everyday. I also believe that they care about the customers, otherwise they wouldn't be fixing the game whenever there's stability issues or glitches etc. Also, I know there's not enough employees to deal with the customers, and that is 1 of the reasons why nexon is also hiring people

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