which hat to use Recently I saw a post about chaos root abyss hats being like scarlet items, so adding to the highest set. For me that would be CRA set, and as the pirate hat is ugly af I was wondering if it is a good idea to use for example chaos vellum hat, considering i am a xenon i would benefit from 3 stats instead of 2, which might be a good thing when enhancing too? Can anyone confirm this? Also I am rocking a scarlet shoulder, Is there any pottable ring or codex which would give me a good set effect?? thanks

General Xenon

what to upgrade with 4b after a month of bossing/training i managed to get 4b out of it and if I sell of some more stuff i might get 5-5.5 however im not sure what to upgrade as most of my stuff is decently scrolled it just lacks the good potentials. I was thinking of either switching my 5 star epic noa shoes to tyrant( if possible) or buy cubes with it. i have: 3p cra SW whip 12 starred with +110 attack or, not primed i know its old 30 att heart (x2) unique core controller reinforced gollux all unique(dex/luk mixed not all stat) with the pendant and earing perfected belt is in process. my ring is still clean and so is my superior ring 15att and all stat absolute ring evo 3 10 att ring furthermore i have some random totems/pocket items so s

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