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Skyrim What age to draw the line? I saw a similar post in a thread that a 12 year old made asking if 12 year olds should be able to play shooting games so I decided to make this thread. So The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I heard is a very good game and I would love to play it, but like the other TS, I'm 12. Downloading it on my PC without my parents knowing isn't an option, the current computer I'm using struggles to run a 2003 game. So I have a few questions: Is Skyrim a good game and lives up to the hype? In your opinion is Skyrim appropriate for a 12 year old and would it be worth a shot to ask? If I could get Skyrim on a different PC are there any mods that remove the finishing moves and part of the blood? (If there was I might have a chanc

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Close your eyes and type a sentence I got inspired by that one letter than finish sentence with eyes open. I remember a thread like this one a while back. So choose a sentence that comes to mind and try to type it with your eyes closed, try to type it (Being fast kind of fails more..makes it better though) then say what it was suppose to be if you got it wrong. Example: Sectumpsema is my facotire spell. Sectumsempra is my favorite spell. -- Is thisa a hoof rmoigjh of an example? Is this a good enough of an example? EDIT: This is the thread with ther most replies I've gotten since the yeatr I've bren on basi. I'm going to die happy ,3 This is the thread with the most replies I've gotten since the year I've been on basil. I'm going to die hap

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