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Another Basilmarket Censorship Issue Yes, it's a discussion about the legalization of same sex marriage...again. Sorry. These two threads were locked, due to its inappropriate and flame bait topic. I disagree completely with the moderator who closed it. This is completely unjust, and I have to speak out. I don't care whether this thread changes anything, because voicing what you believe is right always makes a difference. For something that was legalized nationwide today, locking a thread on a related subject is a complete slap in the face to the decision of US Supreme Court. This discussion is well within the rules of Basilmarket. Locking something so that you don't have to deal with flamers is cowardly, and lazy. Just because something is

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Looking for Calculus Geniuses Power Series So I have this test tomorrow on Power Series. I understand how to find a taylor polynomial, error estimation, interval of convergence, and all that good stuff. But I have serious trouble with finding the function when given the sigma/summation notation. [url=]Here's two examples.[/url] I've memorized the series for 1/(1-x), sinx, cosx, and e^x. Those are the ones my teach always base the problems off of. Does anyone have a process that they could share with me?

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A Discussion Regarding Censorship I have always noticed it in the past, but it hasn't bothered me up until now. You all have probably seen it before in the site talk section. Someone asks a question regarding the site/moderating, a moderator will answer, and promptly lock the thread. This is the usual question-and-response routine. But what I am here to discuss is a slightly more serious version of this situation. Whenever a user questions/criticizes a moderator or rule, it begins to happen. People will express their views, whether positive or negative, passively or strongly, etc. Then, as soon as negative comments are made towards the moderation team, comments get deleted, and the thread gets locked. You may ask why, but the answer is simp

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