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Posted 3 hours ago Hey y'all! So recently I've noticed that most sites that I go on (Twitter, reddit, etc.), right away they'll say that whatever it was was "posted 3 hours ago" (Unless it runs off of its own time like Basilmarket). As I typed this I realized my time zone must be off on my computer. Turns out it was. This is now a help guide. If your social sites say something was posted forever before and it was instantaneously posted, check your timezones. Thank you, I'll go hide under a rock now.


Whats this Dbr? Hey y'alls! So I've been playing Maplestory for the past 6 years. But that's not really part of my question. Ever since the release of Dark Angelic Blessings and their recipes, Dark Angelic Blessings have been "DAB's" and Dark Angelic Blessing Recipes have been "DABR's" (Occasionally you'd have the one person confused with DABR thinking it'd mean "Dark Angelic Blessing Ring".) The past few days I've found that I've been corrected by other people when I say "DAB" - People will say "DBR*"... When did "Dark Angelic Blessing" turn into "Dark Blessing Ring"? Is there another item that has taken the initials "DAB"?

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All Banders Hey y'all! So I'm making this little survey for class. All people that participate in band please comment with these things! 1) Age / Gender 2) Instrument(s) you play 3) How long you've played it and skill level (ie state-wide level 5 soloist or whatnot) Poll's there for me to easily see the sections you guys play in. Thanks! :D (And I'll start this) 1) 17, male 2) French horn (Mellophone marching band) 3) 7 years, played New York / North Carolina level 6 solos for the past 4.

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Not much excitement? So after all this time, I was expecting some huge update for Wild Hunters. I'm kinda disappointed with what they gave us. I was hoping for a bunch of new skills, maybe a major increase to damage (Not that I'm weak, it's just that I want to deal more damage with a newly updated class), but the only really huge thing that was added was the walk-back skill. I personally don't really like this. After playing Wild Hunter, it was natural to quickly turn around and jump away, then turn back and return attacking your monster. Now if I want to turn around, I'd have to stop attacking, toggle the skill off, turn around, then start attacking again. I'm just playing with the old Wild Hunter sans-passive unless Nexon decides that it

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Evo Lab Leopard Guide Hey guys! So after experimenting in the Evo Lab for a bit on my Tamer, I discovered the best way to manipulate the skills to maximize your experience output! So as y'all know, a majority of the experience comes from when the monsters are attracted towards that giant machine thing. What do you gotta do? Stand riiiiiight [url=]here,[/url] face to the right, and just hold down your main attack skill (Leopard's Paw) - don't spam it, though- Leopard's Roar throws it off. For the most part, you'll be able to stick right there, spamming your attacks at the monsters. DISCLAIMER: sometimes you'll get knocked off. This isn't something that you'll just stay right there. Just most of the time. How

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Beast Tamer Mpe tip Beast Tamer Monster Park Extreme tip for Leopard choosers- Max out macho dance and put a point into Macho Slam (Or more if you want to) - Chain that to push a giant group of monsters to a wall, while using Thunder Dash with the Thunder Trail passive to damage more, and when they're against the wall, hold down the button for Macho Slam - When you hit a wall it's a very fast, spammable attack. Just thought I'd put this out there since I thought I'd be at a loss for choosing Leopard over bear. This also works well on bosses that are pushable.

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Them Wisdom Teeths So I have 3 wisdom teeth growing in (They're lots of fun while playing French horn. I'm in the wind ensemble, meaning I've got a bunch of high notes, causing pressure with them.), and have a couple questions. So my jaw is decently large, I still have a half of an inch of space in the back where my wisdom teeth could grow into. Does anyone else have a larger jaw so that they don't have to get their wisdoms extracted? Does it feel any different with them? Would you recommend pulling them instead of leaving them in, and why? Thanks :)

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