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Computer science help Hey guys, well I'm doing a lab right now and just doing the practice questions when I came across a question like this "Assume that price is an integer variable whose value is the price (in US currency) in cents of an item. Assuming the item is paid for with a minimum amount of change and just single dollars, write an expression for the amount of change (in cents) that would have to be paid. " I don't really understand how to do this. I don't want you guys to give me the answer but could you rephrase it for me? :D

General Tech

Buying a laptop So my mother has offered to buy me a laptop for school. I'm not really familiar with laptops so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I plan on doing some maplestory, LoL, and minecraft on the computer so yeah. ^^ So far I was looking at this one: [url=http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/samsung-samsung-15-6-2nd-gen-intel-core-i5-2450m-laptop-np300v5a-s05ca-np300v5a-s05ca/10190379.aspx?lang=en-CA&pcname=&sku=10190379&path=efe5e16e230bb0c9d8c40134b2d82782en02]Samsung 15.6" 2nd Gen Intel Core i5-2450M Laptop[/url] If guys got any more suggestion please do give me some. I'd prefer not to buy online so yeah. :D

General Thief

Pc moonshadow katara quick I'm selling 68att 2 lined with 18 attack potential. No hammers or enchances. My highest offer is 1.55b is that a good deal? I personally think I should keep it and scroll it myself but by the time I can get nx for shielding wards they won't be there anymore. I plan on using this mesos to give my self more %luk so yeah. Also what would you do with the katara? (I have a backup katara. It's 68 att pyrope) EDIT: I just got an offer of 17 WS for it. Is the WS better?


Why are people so rude on maplestory Well it's been awhile since I last met a really mean person. But just recently I set up my shop and this guy left a mean message for no reason at all. I haven't done anything to him and I believe I've done nothing wrong that would affect him any way yet he calls me an idiot. I don't what else to say but I'll let the SS explain the rest. :D ;current=Maple0001.jpg Why are there people like this? It's not like I'm seriously trying to sell the recipe for that much. I'm looking for offers.:( I don't know it just bothers me when I see insults like this from random people.... EDIT: If you guys zoom in you'll see that some characters are missing stuff. o.o Is anyone else having this problem? Example: There's a n

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