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Elemental Shift and Blaze Wizards It hit me earlier; Thunder Breakers got Flash Jump and "Up-jump" in the form of a beginner skill "Elemental Shift". For a while there, I had assumed that beginner skills would change based on what job you advance to--but yesterday's patch proved me wrong. At least, unless KMS has plans to change Elemental Shift and Elemental Slash to another skill before it hits official servers. Anyways, what Im trying to point out is that if elemental shift stays the same for all cygnus knights...then Blaze Wizard would get some sort of Flash Jump? It's a bit of a shocking though seeing as how we're so accustomed to Teleport. If you've played a Mage, you've come to love it on one form or the other. But

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Mikhails Similarities Compilation ---Things to know about Mihile/Mikhail-- Mihile is considered a [b]CYGNUS KNIGHT[/b] character. This means he gains [b]10% exp[/b] at every level up until 120. Unless my research is wrong, he can get the Cygnus Mounts at level 50/100/120 just like the regular Cygnus. When he reaches level 120 he CAN make an Ultimate Adventurer by doing the Peridot quests. His character card is a Cygnus card that adds % Weapon Def. [quote=WhinyBaby]But why should I make a Dawn Warrior if Mihile is out?[/quote] Mihile was a [b]limited time only[/b] character in KMS. He'll most likely disappear from creation when we get to later content. ---First Job--- [b]HP Increase: Increase your max HP by 20% permanently. (max level: 10)[/


lt3 Want To Make A Beginner? Look Here First lt3 [b]You think you want to make a beginner?[/b] First off, [b]get off of Basil Market[/b] and go boot up the game. From there, pick a class that allows you to play as a "Beginner" and [b]never job yourself[/b]. [b]Add all your points into Str and use whatever weapon you wish.[/b] Don't let anyone tell you what to do. :D Thank you for reading my super awesome ultra amazing guide! It took me [b]YEARS[/b] to write it! Special Thanks to And everyone else

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Outlaw/Sair Summons--Do you have to use a gun? I'll make this short and sweet: Do you have to [b]have a gun equipped[/b] in order to use any of the following skills: Octopus, Gaviota, Homing Beacon, Roll of the Dice, Wrath of the Octopi, Pirate's Revenge, Air Strike, Hypnotize, Bullseye The reasoning is that Ultimate Adventurer's Shark Wave will work with any weapon; I'd like to see if any of these skills would work with those weapons (Specifically Swords, Spears, and Polearms) to see if there's any reason to make an UA Str Sair over a UA Bucc.

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Ultimate Bowman Wind Piercing Dear Ultimate Bowmen: Please go onto your Ultimate Bowman, equip something that is not a Bow or a Crossbow. Preferably Swords, Axes, Maces, Spears, or Polearms. Now, hit your Wind Piercing button. Did Wind Piercing work? If it did, is it possible for you to post a screenshot validating that it does in fact work with any weapon? If it doesn't, is it possible for you to post a screenshot validating that "This skill will not work with that equipped weapon". This is very important. Thank you in advance, ~Tetrin

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