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Great season for anime so far What are you all interested in right now? So far this season has a lot of good ones(so far) Hero Academia: The premise is almost exactly like where One Punch Man left off after the "Hero Association qualification" is what I thought at first. This one was one of the more hyped up ones also. It's quite interesting. Kiznaiver: I'm a really big fan of Trigger/Gainax and they're choice of art style. Other than that, the main attraction of this show is pretty cool and I myself have not seen something like this before so I'd call it unique as well. Kuromukuro: I kinda skipped through the scenes in this one. All I remember is a naked guy with a sword fighting robots. I might stay on this one. Sakamoto Desu Ga

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Make up a skill of skill set for your Aran Since 5th job is supposedly coming out(haven't really verified this myself) I wanna know everyone's own ideas for new skills and attacks! Feel free to be as in depth as possible supplying % damage or animations or just simply give us a name for us to imagine for ourselves :) I'll start off with a few. Swing: Infinity -Key command: Left, Up, Right then hold Ctrl. After initial key presses you may change directions from left to right. "Aran Spins her polearm in front of her indefinitely(similarily to Demon Slayers Dark Scythe attack) and a number of spiritual beasts form to attack." -The Polar Bear, Phoenix, Tiger, and a new addition, Wolves are summoned and charge in front of Aran to deal


keyboard shortcuts gets wiped every now and then So I got to log into the new patch for the first time today. Cool buffs and stuff but there is a problem. Every now and then, usually when I change channels or teleport a far distance(like when bossing), my Key Config goes completely blank. All the default keys like "pick up" "jump" "equip tab" "item" and all the skill keys I've put in myself, as well as simple things like Potion shortcuts and EVEN Facial expressions all revert down to the unused keys at the bottom. This can be very annoying when you're having a smooth time moving and all of a sudden you try to jump and now you can't jump. Trying to climb ropes is now a annoying task. All that and obvio


So, how's rebbot? So for those of you who were able to play for about 10 minutes(I don't actually know, haven't even downloaded the patch yet) How is it? I only now have all kinds of nostalgia welling up inside me. If it's anything like old Maple, I may even play there for good even though I've spent some good cash on this current character. Some things I really miss... Being forced to travel by boat seems annoying and stupid when you think about it now, but when the player base was much more widespread, there was joy to be had. I remember every boat I took to go to a new continent or city and there were just 100's of people crowding the area. All the more exciting when there's a strong monster possibly appearing and betting each other to c


If you could change maple... what would you do? More co-op orientated gameplay. Overhual of quest to make them rewarding and meaningful instead of 100% pointless and uneventful. Co-op functionality where doing quests together gives better rewards and EXP/fame, etc. Also a new alternative to gaining levels instead of hur dur SDH to 250. Give me a reason to play Maple in its entirety instead of just literally chilling in 2 maps being Henesys and SDH. Is there anything we can do besides dailies and train on 2x? Tell me. Last time I played guilds weren't as sought after, organized, and overall better than it is now, but I believe it can still use some changes. Such things would include unique skills given to members depending on rank, ability t


What bgm really takes you back? I downloaded an entire playlist of some maple BGMs and I can't help but share my experience with you guys. As I listened to some of then they really brought me back. Almost to tears really. As reference as to WHERE I remember the song I'll go by year. What songs really take you back? 2005 Lith harbor, person wild boar area, sleepy wood, any tunnel, ride to orbis, and orbis itself. 2007 or whatever ludibrium pq, fighting zakum, Leafre jr newties and skelegons. 2009 scarlion/targa bgm, CRIMSON WOOD KEEP PQ(my all time favorite pq), wind raiders, jesters. 2011 LHC, HoH, temple of time, empress Cygnus. After that got hacked and came back a month ago from this date. What songs really bring out the nostalgia in you

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