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New Nintendo 3ds/xl available for Australia/NZ in 2014 [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uNYEo8YN3I]Nintendo Australia Direct (first one)[/url] Things to note: [*] Official release date in Australia/New Zealand: 21st of November, 2014 (same date as Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire release). [*] Suggested Prices in Australia are $219.95 for the 'New' 3DS & $249.95 for the 'New' 3DS XL. [*] No adaptor included with the console (unlike current consoles), but a separate adaptor is available for $14.95 (current adaptors with existing consoles from the DSi onwards still work). [*] Charging cradle available for $14.95 for both. [*] US & European console release not available until next year (so AU/NZ are the only Western regions to get

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Your Pokemon Amie Side-game Unlimited Mode High Scores Btw, what's your favourite Pokemon Amie side-game (had to substitute mini with side)? I'd say Tile Puzzle's my favourite...and it's also the most frustrating for me, especially when I take far too long to solve the big puzzle and waste extra time in Unlimited mode. Head It seems too easy (Unlimited that is, I rarely ever hit that big yarn in the other difficulties). Berry Picker is pretty fun, but I just seem to like Tile Puzzle more. I'll post mine in a sec, I just need to play them a bit to see what they are. Berry Picker: 144 Head It: 1224 Tile Puzzle: 12850

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Late to Game of Thrones When it comes to TV shows, I am ALWAYS bloody late. Happened with Castle, happened with Suits, now it's with Game of Thrones. So after watching the first episode (great theme song btw - already started watching parodies of the theme song), I'll conclude that it's a pretty decent show, which I reckon I'll probably continue to watch and get up to date with. One of the main factors in me continuing shows is the number of episodes per season (which is why I eventually stopped watching HIMYM, One Piece and other very long shows that I was just too far behind). Now my question to Basil is, for those that already watch GoT/have watched it already but stopped, what were your reactions after watching the first episode? Loved

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